Encapsulating our future - one plant at a time

"All life on earth emanates from the green of the plant" - Jay Kordich

Plants are the true source of life and produce. They shelter us, nourish us, and most importantly, teach us the importance of a mutualistic life on Earth.

Social Responsibily - FlowerAura

With so many blessings showered upon us by Mother Earth, it is only humane to return the favour and plant a tree… Which is what we, from FlowerAura, did!

Planting for a better tomorrow

Conservation of nature and protection of the environment forms a key code of discipline across all religions and cultures. To be humane, is to conserve the resources provided to us by Mother Nature; and the highest form of respect is to preserve and magnify the many inheritances we acquired from this evergreen Mother.

Continuing the legacy of a better and greener tomorrow, FlowerAura joined hands with NGOs Say Trees and Give Me Trees and conducted a mini reforestation drive in the protected soils of Aravalli Biodiversity Park.

Our team of volunteers joined hands with the on field team members of formerly mentioned NGOs in an attempt to give back and restore the environment, one plant at a time!

Collaborating with the conservationists

For this Reforestation drive CSR initiative, FlowerAura collaborated with Mr. Nitin from Say Trees and Mr. Ajeet from Give Me Trees. Along with their respective teams, both Mr. Nitin and Mr. Ajeet guided our volunteers in the manners of conservation and environmental protection. Our initiative took a kickstart with all the members working in conjunction to achieve the one true goal, planting a greener tomorrow.

On 23rd December 2021, FlowerAura team went out to one of the many Give Me Trees protected project sites (Aravalli Biodiversity Park near Baba Neem Karoli Ashram) in the NCR region. We gathered collectively to take on the most prevailing current challenge - environmental changes; and through the conservation and restoration act, we added some minute but significant value to our present ecosystem.

This daunting task was worthwhile in the truest sense, where we gathered to combat one common enemy - deforestation.

Social Responsibily - FlowerAura

Interteam engagement

Additionally to the CSR plantation drive, FlowerAura extended monetary aid to the Say Trees Agroforestry farmers project conducted by Say Trees, where farmers all across the country receive support for their individual cultivations.

This CSR activity has introduced us to the various components of reforestation projects including - challenges faced by NGOs, harvest seasons, practical applications, plantation drive aftercare, steps of maintenance of the recently planted young saplings and many more. This whole experience has filled us up with more hope for a brighter future, laden with greenery everywhere!

In the future, we see ourselves collaborating with many NGOs and individuals who are conservationists, activists and advocates of Mother Nature and slowly but steadily sow the harvest of a better tomorrow.

Collaborated NGOs:-

Say Trees: Click here to visit

Give Me Trees: Click here to visit