5 Bizarre Situations Amidst Couples When IPL Fever is On!

Daksh: Are you a fan of cricket?

Samarth: Of course! Asking an Indian such a question is quiet thoughtless, Right?

Daksh: Yah Actually! For cricket maniacs, there is no superior pleasure than sitting on the edge of your sofa, munching popcorn in front of the television watching the IPL matches.

Samarth: Yeah, but not always can you seek this pleasure if you are in a relationship, especially when your partner is not a cricket person. You are fortunately single. You don’t know how girls are.

IPL and its consequences

Let me tell you how things change after marriage and why it feels like winning a battle when you are able to watch your favorite match.

1. ‘Give me the remote’

Akshara and her husband moment during IPL - Indian Premium League

You are all excited and had been waiting for the entire day to watch this match and the moment you switch on to the sports channel, you suddenly hear a voice from behind, “Give me the remote”. Oh! How can you forget? It’s Akshara’s time of the day.

2. ‘Guys-only-nights’ in the whole IPL season

Couple awkward moment during IPL - Girl aggressively talking to her partner about Guys only nights

Although I don’t mind the entire month till the season is on, but still even if I get three in a month, I am okay. But, to actually get one is a deadly task. Because suddenly, they start missing you so much that instead of watching the match, you end up explaining to them, why not you could reply instantly.

3. ‘I don’t think it is working anymore’

Couple awkward moment  during IPL - Girl shouting and saying Its not working anymore

After every match that I am able to watch successfully, comes the tagline, ‘I don’t think it is working anymore’. Certainly because in those two hours, I was more concerned with Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni than her. May be she gets jealous of them. LOL.

4. Considering to watch cricket over going out for dinner?

Couple awkward situation during IPL - Girl saying you prefer IPL over me

Oh, the all-time argument. Just because you committed to go out on lunch with your Madame, forget about watching the match live. Yes, I mean it. Just forget it.

5. You think I don’t understand cricket?

Couple awkward situation during IPL - I know cricket rules

Yes, because you don’t. Isn’t it simple? I don’t have a problem in explaining the game to you but at least listen. And come on! The umpire’s action means, it’s a free hit for a no ball and not Dhoni’s Helicopter shot.

Daksh: Actually, ‘You think I don’t understand cricket?’ argument has happened with me also in the past. But, I think we can make them understand. It can’t be impossible, right?

Samarth: Well, no one in the history of mankind has been able to conquer this art. You think you can rewrite the history?

Daksh: Nevermind! You want to come over to my place for tonight’s match?