5 Fathers Day Crafts Ideas for Daughter - A DIY Gift For Dad from Daughter

Making father’s day cards since you started holding a pen? A lovely ritual it is. Isn’t it? In addition to Father’s Day greeting cards, you can make many more craft ideas for your father. So, here’s your Pinterest board of fathers day crafts from daughter.

Fathers Day Crafts Ideas for Daughter

Things I Love You About Dad

How often do you tell your dad the things you love about him? Take Father’s Day as a golden opportunity to express it all with this craft idea. Things you need: Ice-cream sticks, sketch pens, paints, ribbon, fevicol and coloured paper

How to Make

1. Decorate 5-6 ice-cream sticks with paints

2. Stick the ice-cream sticks together with fevicol to make a card

3. Write down on the piece of paper Things I Love About Dad with sketch pens.

4. Paste the paper on the ice-cream stick card and tie a ribbon end to it.

5. Hang it in his room or office.

Things I Love You About Dad

Dad Bobble’s Head

Share a few laughs and giggles with your dad with a gift of his bobblehead craft. Things you need: Paper cup, paint, coloured paper black sketch pen, dad’s photograph, pipe cleaner, white glue, tape, and hot melt adhesive. This is one of the best fathers day gift ideas from daughter

How to Make

1. Paint a paper cup in any colour you want

2. Make a shirt and hands from coloured paper and markers

3. Stick the shirt and hands on your dad’s photograph and cut it out the excess.

4. Make a whole in the base of the cup and insert the pipe cleaner.

5. Stick one end of the pipe cleaner to the backside of the photograph

6. Make a cut in the middle of the cup to make pants and make shoes from black paper.

Dad Bobble’s Head

Superhero Craft Card

Show love to your favourite superhero the artistic way with these craft card ideas. Superhero craft card can be best Father's Day gift for your loving dad. Things you need: Coloured paper, glitter foam paper, glue stick, markers, and eye buttons

How to Make

1. Fold paper in half

2. Place your hand on the paper and make the outline

3. If you are using white paper, use acrylic paint to colour it.

4. Make features of the superhero like Spiderman, Batman or any other superhero using markers and glitter foam paper

5. Inside the card, write a message like “ You are my superhero,” “You are amazing.”

Superhero Craft Card

Lego Memory Jar

Build memories with dad because only they last for eternity. Use this craft idea for unforgettable memories. Things you need: Legos, glass jar, rope, and printable card and permanent marker

How to Make

1. Write on each lego an activity you do with your dad or would like to with a permanent marker.

2. You can fill the jar with the legos and play with your dad as and when you can.

3. You can stack legos to symbolize memories built

4. Tie a rope around the glass jar with a printable card that reads “ building memories with dad.”

Lego Memory Jar

Best Dad Award

For a daughter, her dad is the best in the world. Honour him with this title on his special day, Father’s Day. Things you need: Two coloured sheets (any colour) marker, glue, scissors, and safety pin

How to Make

1. Cut a paper into half.

2. Make the accordion fold. Push the fold together, and fold in half

3. Glue together on one side. This will make paper look like a fan

4. Add glue to the centre of the fold to stick them together

5. Repeat the steps with another strip of paper.

6. Now glue both the fans together to make a circle

7. Cut a circle from another coloured sheet

8. Write on it Best Dad Award

9. Cut ribbon strips out of paper and stick at the back of the ribbon rosette.

Best Dad Award

Hope you like these father’s day crafts ideas!