Here’s How You Can Make Your Marriage Anniversary Special

A lifetime accomplishment like a wedding is something that each couple must celebrate. An anniversary celebration is a yearly ritual that reaffirms the love and affection you and your spouse shave for each other. Though there are different ways for marriage anniversary celebration world over, anyone can do some common ways to spruce up their relationship. Some of the anniversary celebration ideas include; an anniversary cake, anniversary cards, personalised anniversary gifts, and more!

anniversary celebration ideas

Continuing on the subject, in this post, we share how you can make your marriage anniversary special. Read on.

1. Begin your anniversary before the sun rises and share this particular time of the day with your better half. You can prepare a light breakfast with fruits or pastries and see the sunrise together.

2. If you are not a morning person, you can stay a little longer in bed - then treat your loved one with breakfast in bed. You can surprise him/her with an anniversary cake and a bunch of flowers.

3. If you have both taken a day off from work and other daily activities, you guys can go for a picnic to enjoy your happy anniversary celebration. Do not forget to add a blanket, snacks, and your favourite champagne bottle.

4. You may have a demanding work schedule that you may have to go to work for a few hours or so. You can spruce up this lovely day by taking your better half out on a romantic dinner outing. You can also organise for a guitarist to play your favourite love songs or compile your playlist.

5. Surprise your loved one with a bedroom decoration setup. You can have the room derated with golden letter balloons that read “Happy Anniversary” and helium-filled silver and golden balloons in the bedroom. You can also add a personalised bottle lamp with a picture - when lit, it magically spices up the romantic aura.

6. Express your love and affection with anniversary gifts. For men: surprise your wife jewellery set with a matching necklace, earrings, and customised name/anniversary bracelet. For Women: And give your husband a charming personalised bracelet.

7. Try to recreate the day when you first met. You can surprise your better half with similar clothes you were wearing on this remarkable occasion. Also, take him/her to the spot where it all happened - well, if it’s close-by.

8. Take the romantic feel to another level and gift your loved one with lingerie/underwears, personalised cosmetic products (like perfume, makeup kit, grooming kit, and body lotions)

9. Amaze your better half with renewed wedding vows with a twist. You can have the vows written on your happy anniversary cake or happy anniversary card.

10. Frame your memories in a personalised photo frame or album. You can also surprise your loved one with a personalised anniversary name photo frame that has your couple pictures.