51 Effortless Ways To Be Romantic

It’s fun, it’s exciting, it makes your partner feel good, so why not do it more?

Libraries are full of love stories, music is stacked with love songs, yet love remains a rare entity. It might take another flip of the chapter to actually know why, however, often misunderstood, love is the simplest of things that still is and will continue to sustain. Just like a nursery rhyme, it is a beautiful mess that needs to be sparked again and again with the doses of romance. And little do you know, one doesn’t need to go extravagant but it is the little things that enhances the beauty of it. A rose in your hand after a fight, a small visit under the balcony, these little gestures are worth much more than the diamonds you think she has been wishing for.

 Effortless Ways To Be Romantic

Following are a few ways to help showcase your love in an effortless manner. No matter if you are still in the budding stage of your love story or are living the happily after, these effortless gestures can make your partner’s heart flutter literally in 1/10th of a nanosecond.

1. Join him on a football game and score his heart then and there only.

2. Spell out ILU with ketchup on her morning breakfast.

3. Ask them to join the gym together. The couple who works out together stays together

 Couples Work out Together

4. Pen down a little miss you letter before leaving for office.

5. Surprise her at work and take her out on lunch.

6. Dedicate a song on the radio on their birthday or on the anniversary day.

7. Give a pedicure and a foot rub.

8. Be the bartender of their night, shakes things up, mix drinks, and get them drunk in your love.

9. Carve your initials on the bedroom door.

10. Embellish their side of the bed with a couple cushion.

11. Use steam in the bathroom wisely, spell out ILY on the mirror.

12. Arrange a hot water bath and fill it with bath bombs, and see your love bubble up.

13. Write a love poem on your own.

14. Ask them to just get ready and without mentioning take them to the place you guys first met.

15. Invent a little naughty game and build impossibly great chemistry.

16. Blindfold them and hold them that one thing that has been sitting on their wishlist since forever..

17. Make a cat or a dog a part of your relationship.

 Make a Pet Part of your Relationship

18. Give a spa-like experience especially after their long day at work.

19. Cook a meal together or help them with the dishes.

Cook a Meal Together

20. Play with her hair now and then.

21. Kiss her forehead and envelope her in your arms whenever possible.

Kiss Her Forehead

22. Send flowers sometimes just like that only.

23. Make her habitual to a spoon of anything you eat.

24. Send them a picture of you every time you get dressed nicely.

25. Go for a random mall strolling and gel up better with window shopping.

26. Make them a part of your shopping routine. Check out new fashions together both online and offline.

27. Get them to explore your book of secrets.

28. Take an interest in their hobbies.

29. You might not be able to be a part of their pursuit of interest, but don’t forget to support it.

30. Cut out a paper heart and make a little card for them.

31. Leave a lip mark on a tissue paper in the shade he really loves.

32. Give them a baby moisturizer and let them know you just call them baby but mean it too.

33. Make him feel like a superhero, give him a Marvel-inspired boxer.

34. Pen down all the little things they have done for you and let them know how thankful you are.

35. Book a room near poolside and splash the colors of love all day long.

36. Leave aside the WhatsApp and mail, use the traditional way and send them a postcard aka love letter.

 Send your Beloved a Postcard aka Love Letter

37. Have secret codes and see the magic when you use them in front of the people you know.

38. Hold their hand and play with their fingers especially when they are mad at you.

Hold Her Hand and Play with Their Fingers

39. Slip in their favorite chocolate in their pocket or bag and watch them calling you munching it at the same time.

40. Fly from your place and surprise them with an unexpected visit.

41. Dine up a balcony dinner especially when it is raining outside.

42. Match your heartbeats and roll on the dance floor even when it is not called for.

Dance with your Partner

43. Adorn the room with the little star-like lights and slay the perfect dinner date night at home for them.

44. Just when you feel like staying at home, plan a Karaoke night and sing your heart just for them.

45. Give them a flying kiss every time they drop you.

46. Showcase your eight shades of love on Valentine’s week with unique Valentine gifts.

47.Disguise yourself as a secret love and play a prank call on them.

48. Snuggle up together and binge movies all weekday long.

49. Try to be innovative every time when you express your feelings to them.

50. Get inked with a couple tattoo.

51. Give them a lifetime gift, make a commitment as soon as they begin to lose hope on the relationship.