6 Bakery Dessert Gift for Your Foodie Friend

Delicious cuisines are the reason why food is the best way to touch anyone’s heart. When we eat delicious and lip-smacking meals, happy hormones are released in the brains, which reduces stress, and strengthens the bond we have with our loved ones. So the thin line between making the best impressions on your loved ones on special occasions is set by luscious and well-decorated cakes and dessert gift ideas.

dessert gift ideas to surprise foodie friend

Thanks to online cake and gift stores, anyone can buy cakes online and take their pick from fruit cakes, chocolate, ice cream, and vegan cakes worldwide. In this blog, we share the six bakery dessert gift for your foodie friend.

1. A crunchy cake

If your friend is one of those foodies who usually went out to grab a bite a couple of times in a day, then you can surprise them with a lip-smacking and well-decorated crunchy cake.

 crunchy cake

You can have crunchy nuts like cashew nuts and almonds mixed in the dough and incorporated into the decoration for the perfect dessert gift.

2. Fruitcake

Fruits are one of the most recommended foods by doctors, nutritionists, and other health professionals. They are enriched with crucial vitamins, minerals, fibres, and health-boosting antioxidants for a healthy immune system.


You can surprise your loved ones with an enticingly decorated fruit cake with their favourite flavour and fruits. You can also consult with a cake expert on somheye of the best ingredients and cake trends. And take the cake surprise to another level and surprise your vegan friend with one of the best vegan cakes.

3. Moist orange and lemon cake

If your foodie friend is a fan of the juicy and healthy oranges and lemons, then you can surprise them with a mood-cranked up moist fruit cake.

 Moist orange and lemon cake

While there are many cake ingredients and customisations, the orange and lemon cake is one of the best fruit cakes. Oranges and lemons are available all year-round, so you can surprise your loved ones with fresh cakes.

4. Cookies and cupcakes

If your foodie friend always craves sweet treats, then you can surprise him or her with a box of assorted cookies and cupcakes at their doorbell.

 Cookies and cupcakes

You can also accompany the cookie and cupcake boxes with their favourite chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, Kit Kat, and Cadbury, among others.

5. Frosty vanilla cake

The vanilla flavour is one of the most popular flavours in the world. It is found in cakes, chocolates, ice cream and is also an ingredient for many cuisines. Vanilla is also highly recommended for a plethora of health benefits.

 Frosty vanilla cake

You can express your love and affection by surprising your friend with a frosty vanilla cake. Also, take the gifting to another and melt their hearts with an eggless, sugar-free, and personalised cake with their name, picture, and message.

6. Sponge cakes

Sponge cakes, like the name suggests - has a sponge-like texture. It may look chunky like a mountain when your tummy is full. The spongy structure makes the cake light and soothing, especially after having a meal.

Personalised Chocolate Bars

You can have the cake encrusted with molten chocolate, dried coconut shavings, jam, and fruits.