11 Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas!

Got a last-minute wedding invitation? You are excited, but there is tension as well. What are you going to give the bride and groom? At the eleventh hour, your brain is blank and you cannot think of any wonderful option to congratulate the couple of the day. You have got our back. We have hand-picked last-minute gift ideas that will impress the wedding couple.

11 Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

1.Bar Tool Set

Gift something incredibly classy to the couple, a complete bar tool set. It is one of the online gifts that is available on many gifting portals. Aim for the one that comes with professional quality pieces and a recipe book.

Bar Tool Set

2.Glass Set

Serving drinks won’t be fun without a nice glass set. Give the couple a set of sophisticated long glasses. Long glasses have more capacity than the short ones and you can fill it tall. Long glasses are best suited for cocktails and mocktails.

Glass Set

3.Bakeware Set

The kitchen looks incomplete without a bakeware set. The complete bakeware set comes with a baking sheet, cooling racks, and assortment of pans (cupcakes, cookies, muffins, brownies, cakes) along with tools. Non-stick with quality coating gives high-performance results.

Bakeware Set

4.Comforter set

Nothing speaks of luxury and comfort than a 3-piece comforter set. With this gift, you wish the couple a cosy good night sleep. In the 3-piece set, a comforter is accompanied by matching pillows and bed-sheet.

Comforter set

5.Picture Frame

Not the usual ones, but something that is synonymous with a decorative piece or work of art. We couldn’t think of any better gift than this for the couple who like to have their pictures framed and preserved. You can also send gifts like this to their doorstep via online delivery.

Picture Frame

6.Wireless Speakers

If you want your gift to be useful and trendy, a wireless speaker is a smart gift option. The couple can use it to listen to music, podcast, audiobooks or put it into any other purpose. The couple will be happy to have received it.

Wireless Speakers


A wedding couple would like to have a warming ambience. An aromatic diffuser is a great gift that will blend with the interiors, can be kept anywhere-- bedroom or living room and will guarantee freshness and fragrance.


8.Glass vase with Fresh Flowers

Glass vase with fresh flowers makes for an elegant home decor piece. It is one gift type that is always appreciated. You can gift a set of two vases that can be either placed on both sides of the bed or around the house. If you feel like you can give the couple a year around a subscription of fresh flowers.

Glass vase with Fresh Flowers

9.Trinket Dish

Opt for a charming and thought trinket dish. Trinket dish is perfect for holding jewelry, keys, watches, and other small essentials in place. What will capture the heart is Just Married & Happily Ever After written on it. If possible, get it personalized too.

Trinket Dish

10.Gift Card

When nothing comes to your mind, play safe. Go with a gift card from an online marketplace for vacation rentals and tourism activities. The couple will treasure this gift from you to them on their wedding day.

Gift Card

11.Candle Set

Talking about candles, we have come across a lotion candle set. There are travel candles and can be taken anywhere (even on honeymoon). Also, the candles melt into warm lotion and can be applied. Having natural scents, it seems to be the perfect gift for the couple.

Candle Set

You have got your ideas, shop the one you think would be the best for the couple.