10 Health Benefits of Leafy Green Vegetables

When was the last time you were asked to include some leafy green vegetables in your diet? We bet, if you are currently considering some diet plant suggested by your dietician or nutritionist, then you would already know and understand the health benefits such veggies have on us. The leafy greens like spinach, kale and chard are the super meals that are not just low in calories but have a wide array of benefits to watch out for. Leafy green vegetables are high in fibre, vitamins and phytonutrients, among many other such benefits. That is the reason, time and again, our doctors and all our well wishes ask us to include more and more leafy green vegetables in our regular diet. And to have enough supplies of leafy greens, many of us have already nurtured a perfect kitchen garden along with some purifying plants and ornamental plants. You can easily get these leafy green vegetable online plants over some reputed nursery. But enough about nurturing these leafy greens, let’s talk about what all health benefits these leafy green vegetables blesses us with.

10 Health Benefits of Leafy Green Vegetables

1. Helps To Fight Belly Bloat

Bloating is usually caused by some digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, diet issues or gut infections mostly. Things really get annoying when a person experiences bloating, but the secret component present in these leafy green vegetables can come to the rescue. All the leafy greens are rich in potassium, which keeps the optimal fluid balance in the body maintained. What happens in bloating is a sodium-rich diet is often responsible for triggering bloating sensations, which is when the potassium-rich leafy vegetables need to be taken roughly 4,700 mg/day. Wherein having a cup of boiled spinach can resolve your bloating issues.

Helps To Fight Belly Bloat

2. Makes Skin Glow

The presence of a component called beta- carotene hides in every leafy green vegetable, which gives them red, green or other such colours. Under those pigments of colour, one can found the secret of glowing skin. It works quite like natural sunscreen and protects our skin from harmful UV rays. Kale is said to contain lots of beta carotene component in it, so next time you can take care of your skin by relishing some kale leaves.

Makes Skin Glow

3. Relieves Stress

A big green glass of smoothie made of these leafy greens are sure to kick start your day on a great yet healthy note. Leafy green vegetables are an excellent source of folate, which is said to look after the production of mood-regulating neurotransmitters or hormones known as dopamine or serotonin. Also, the presence of magnesium in such vegetables can even help your vascular health system.

Relieves Stress

4. Supports Optimal Brain Function

Memory and reasoning are the two brain functions which one would love to increase their ability. One can absolutely look after their reasoning ability and increase their memory skills by eating leafy veggies. Research claims all those who had lots of leafy veggies had slower cognitive decline rates than those who ate the least.

Supports Optimal Brain Function

5. Supports Bone Health

All this while not just you, but we too thought drinking milk is the only cure for stronger bones, but that’s not just it. Intake of leafy green vegetables can even support your bone health to the core. Such vegetables are a great source of calcium too. For instance, broccoli and kale contain Vitamin K, which are beneficial for bone health.

Supports Bone Health

6. Improves Inflammatory Response

To reduce the inflammation in your body, again nutritious leafy green vegetables comes to aid. It is an excellent source of treating chronic illnesses as it contains antioxidants, polyphenols that are disease-fighting compounds.

Improves Inflammatory Response

7. Assists Healthy Aging

The showing up of ageing signs and symptoms is indeed depressing. You can’t avoid it completely though you can control it by eating lots and lots of green leafy vegetables. Such veggies are known to delay the process of ageing with the shortening of a compound called telomeres. Broccoli sprouts goes a long way to preserve telomere length and bless one with youthful skin.

Assists Healthy Aging

8. Controls The Toxins

To clear out some bodily toxins, green leafy vegetables seems to do the trick. Chlorophyll rich vegetable plants like spirulina, chlorella, parsley, and alfalfa are said to bind the heavy metals and toxins in your blood and flush them out of your body. It even cleanses your liver and supports the body in the natural way of detoxification.

Controls The Toxins

9. Boosts Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are responsible for breaking down the food particles and absorbing the nutrients from the food. In some gastrointestinal issues like constipation, nutrient deficiencies and reflux, these enzymes aren’t able to work properly. Hence the need of having leafy green veggies. Raw leafy green veggies can be enough to do the trick.

Boosts Digestive Enzymes

10. Supports Immunity

Who doesn’t need an improved immunity? Everyone does, so doctors advise us to have such leafy green vegetables that will support our immune system. These act as a great healthy response to oxidative damage. Some leafy green veggies which support immunity would be moringa leaf, broccoli, arugula, and kale.

Supports Immunity

So now that you know there are so many health benefits of leafy veggies, when are you planning to include some in your lunch, dinner and breakfast?