Gorgeous Flowers for Every Wedding Anniversary

Gorgeous Flowers for Every Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is an exhilarating time as it symbolises the commitment and journey that you’ve been on as a couple. While there may be many anniversary gifts to acknowledge, anniversary flowers are one of the most classic and sentimental gifts you can amaze your significant other with. If your exceptional day is right around the corner, salute your partnership with gorgeous flowers.

How to Pick the Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Marriage during any year is a significant achievement, so making sure you pick the best wedding anniversary flowers is essential. Here are some tips before you pick and order your anniversary flowers online:


Selecting the type of flower entirely depends on the years of marriage you’re celebrating, but you can always incorporate your partner’s favourite florals into the mix to create a more personalised custom bouquet.


A colour also represents each year of marriage, so acknowledge picking many flowers in the corresponding traditional hue.


Feel free to club your gorgeous bouquets with an accent, such as a unique vase or a gift. Since there are traditional materials and wedding anniversary gifts for each milestone, this is an excellent opportunity to incorporate this into your flower arrangement.



Your anniversary as a married couple is one of the most exhilarating times in both your lives! Celebrate your young and new love with a bouquet of carnations.Carnations are the traditional first wedding anniversary flowers. They are also known as Dianthus caryophyllus. Carnations are the perfect symbol of love and passion.There’s a lot of meaning behind carnations, so choosing the right colour is very necessary. For instance, dark red carnations are given to convey your deep feelings of affection and love. You can also choose light red carnations, which symbolise admiration — both colours are great options to celebrate your newfound love.


Dynamic, colourful, and passionate, the sunflower conquers all the characteristics of the years of marriage. Like its durable stem, the wedding anniversary over the years has started to build a strong foundation. Sunflowers symbolise adoration, loyalty and longevity.

Anniversary: Daisy

If you’re astonishing your spouse or sending flowers to a couple for their anniversary, send daisies. Daisies are the traditional fifth wedding anniversary flower as they represent love and fidelity forever. White is the most common colour for daisies, representing innocence. If you want to follow the traditional colours of the fifth anniversary, go for blue or pink daisies.


Celebrate your loved one and cherish your bond with a bouquet of daffodils. They are gorgeous wedding anniversary flowers. Daffodil symbolises renewal and resilience since it regenerates and grows every spring — just like the resilience of your marriage. These chirpy, yellow blooms reflect the joy of the past and optimism for the future.


No flowers symbolise love and romance more than a rose. Roses are the traditional anniversary flowers by year and are a favourite classic. A bouquet of these gorgeous flowers is often the best way for expressing your deepest feelings for your significant other.


For your anniversary, celebrate the occasion with a bouquet of lilies. In addition to symbolising devotion and magnificence, lilies are most commonly known for representing purity and fertility. The majestic status of 30 years of marriage means the time of reflection, so take this time to step back and look at everything you’ve accomplished as a couple.

Yellow Roses & Violets

Celebrate your marriage with a gorgeous bouquet of yellow roses and violets! This achievement can only be represented with two flowers. These two flowers come together as one to symbolise the life of two people who’ve supported each other throughout all the years. These flowers act as the inner light and beauty of your successful marriage with their vibrant yellow colours.

Final Words

Flowers have so much love in their petals. In fact, rose flower arrangements like bouquets and heart-shaped boxes are the best-selling Valentine gifts around the world. So, going with flowers to surprise a couple on a wedding anniversary is a thoughtful and lovely gesture.