6 Types of Gorgeous Lumba Rakhi Especially Designed For Bhabhi

Who says Fashion and Tradition cannot blend in well? With the ever changing fashion and social trends, there’s nothing that has stayed the same. Even the traditions and festivities have a pinch of ‘fashion/style’ added to them, especially when it comes to women.

This certainly fill the festivities with much fun and vigor. And with designer Kurtis for Diwali, Bollywood songs and attires on Holi, why not Rakshabandhan be made trendy with gorgeous Lumba Rakhis for Bhabhi! Today, Rakhis are available in amazing patterns and designs, such as Silver designer Rakhi, Lumba Designer Rakhis, and more.

Significance of Tying Lumba Rakhi To Bhabhi

The custom of tying Lumba Rakhi to Bhabhi is lately gaining popularity. The legend behind this custom is that the bhabhi (brother's wife) is considered to be the person who is responsible for his good health and wellbeing. Therfore, the sister ties Rakhi to Bhabhi (sister-in-law) seeking her wellbeing, too.

Apart from sufficing to the traditions, Lumba Rakhi for Bhabi is also worn as a fashion accessory. Have a look the most gorgeous trending Lumba Rakhi:

1. Designer Lumba Rakhi

One of the most magnificent option of all, Designer Lumba Rakhi is sure to be a pure stunner on your Bhabhi’s wrist on Rakshabandhan. The contemporary designs alongside the feminine allure, it is unique pick and counts as a designer jewelry.

Designer Lumba Rakhi

2.Jeweled Lumba Rakhi

different variety of Lumba Rakhis, Jeweled Lumba Rakhi are named owing to their appearance that are similar to jewelry such as Golden bracelets, bangles, etcetera. These can also be worn as jewelry, however, they are more traditional looking than designer Rakhis.

Jeweled Lumba Rakhi

3.Zardosi Lumba Rakhi

Known for its intricate and colorful Zardosi work, Zardosi Lumba Rakhi is also one of the most favored and trending Rakhi varieties to look up for. Especially for Bhabhis, Zardosi Lumba Rakhi is an excellent choice as women get attracted to vibrant colors.

Zardosi Lumba Rakhi

4. Panchaglee Lumba Rakhi

Adding to the list of trendy Lumba Rakhi styles, Panchaglee for Bhabhi is a set of Rakhi that consists of a small rakhi, big rakhi, baju band, ring and a bangle. This is a beautiful pick for the new (recently married) Bhabhi.

5. Stone Decorated Lumba Rakhi

The fancy of stone studded jewelry especially for a woman cannot be ignored. The dazzling stone studded Lumba Rakhi for bhabhi will glitter her wrist and will surely bring a beaming smile on her face. In the range of Lumba Rakhis it is one of the most opted options as designs and patterns of stone studded Rakhis are inspired from Stone Studded jewelry.

Stone Decorated Lumba Rakhi

6. Pearl Lumba Rakhi

The list would not have been completed without the inclusion of this ultimate charmer – Pearl Lumba Rakhi. The favorite of many, Pearl Lumba Rakhi, indubitably, is the most beautiful and trending Lumba Rakhi. Beautiful arrangements of pearls in a cone shaped Lumba Rakhi are the perfect example of excellent craftsmanship.

Pearl Lumba Rakhi

So, this Raksha Bandhan, make your Bhabhi experience the amazingness and vigor of the festival with the most trending Lumba Rakhi of your choice!

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