7 Unknown Facts About The Impeccable Blue Rose

Blue is a color that is known to hold Universal appeal, and plays a noteworthy role in many rituals and ceremonies across the Globe. The Western tradition of a bride wearing something blue is knotted to the color’s symbolism of truthfulness and loyalty.

Nature’s Impeccable Miracle, Blue Flowers stand for love, desire and metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable. More so, Blue Flowers symbolize hope and the beauty of things.

What Do Blue Roses Symbolize?

Flowers, especially Roses, are one of the divinest creations that have the ability to not only mesmerize us with their enchanting hues but also convey a message to our loved ones. Being wonderful expressions of affection, different colors of roses symbolize something meaningful. For instance, Red Rose stands for love, yellow for care, whereas blue rose signifies magnificence.

Facts about Blue Rose

1. Belonging to the genus Rosa (Family: Rosacea), a blue rosepresents blue-to-violet pigmentation over the common red, yellow or white.

Sky Rose - blue rose

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2. Subject to the genetic limitations, Blue Roses do not exist naturally. In 2004, researchers used genetic modification using delphinidin, a primary plant pigment that gives blue hues to flowers.

Blue rose hydrangea

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3. It took 14 years of study for the researchers from Japanese and Australian companies namely Suntory and Florigene respectively, to create the world’s first blue rose.

 Beautiful blue rose

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4. Blue roses are considered to be the symbols of love, prosperity, or immortality as per ancient literature. As per many cultures, the blue roses are conventionally associated with royalty, royal blood, and therefore, the blue rose also represent regal majesty and glory.

A feeding blue rose

5. As Blue Roses are not found in nature, they have also come to embody mystery and longing to attain the impossible.

Genus Rosa - a blue rose of Rosaceae flower family

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6. In literature, they appear in Tennessee Williams' play The Glass Menagerie, with Jim nicknaming Laura "Blue Roses" after mishearing her explain that she'd been out of school with pleurisies.

A blue rose with water droplets on it

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