Flowers Speak! What Does Your Favourite Flower Say About You?

Ever wondered what draws you to Lilies instead of Roses, or Orchids instead of Gerberas? You might have never given it a thought! And that is because not many have an idea how flowers are more than just a number of delicately beautiful petals clustered together. And why do we have a favourite flower? They, indeed, have deeper impacts on us than just being colourful dots of beauty to be marvelled at.

Flowers And What They Resemble in you

What augments their allure is that they have a power to communicate even with their silence. They convey better meanings than what words could ever do. In fact, the flower that you pick over the rest reveals a lot about you. Even flowers specific to the zodiac signs have a lot to say about an individual. Speak about your favourite flower in your mind and we will tell you what they speak about you and your personality.

Read on to learn something about your personality type on the basis of which flower you like the best.


You are: Sophisticated and Conventional

If your go-to flowers are Roses, whatever the colour be, you fall in the category of sophisticated beings. You choose to stick to the conventional style of things. Guarding itself with guard petals and prickly thorns, Roses are strong self-defenders and so are you. In a relationship, you are caring but tend to get easily bruised.

 What Rose flower resemble in you


You are: Dependable and Giving

f you are a Carnation lover, you are sought-after for your words of wisdom and helpful nature. You strive for respect and feel content with the fact that you are helping others. Although, a little hesitant at times, you are still good at drawing smiles any day.

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 What carnation personifies about you


You are: Refined and Worldly

Orchid lovers come with a lot of elegance and class. If you are one, you not only hold a refined taste but also put in a lot of effort to present a good appearance. Being open about what’s in your mind, you choose to be honest and expect the same in return. But such a class often comes with a price as orchid lovers can be quite temperamental at times. There is something about flowers like orchids which is outlandish.

Know what Orchid flower tells about you


You are: Cheerful and Approachable

Your radiance is contagious. You show immense warmth and cheerfulness and making others feel at ease is your forte. Your bubbly and energetic personality is magnetic and you always tend to look towards the bright side of things.

Facts related to human who like Sunflower


You are: Dignified and Playful

If Lilies come to your mind when you talk about your favourite flower then you have a lot of strength and vitality and you are always open to share them with others. Having an inspiring aura, people around have a lot to learn and gain from you. You show compassion and dignity and never fail on giving a good piece of advice to people.

What Lily flower tells about you


You are: Hard-to-Please and Mysterious

Gardenia lovers are quite particular and picky. If you are a fan of gentle Gardenias, you are sweet and romantic, mysterious and innocent at heart. Being quite prone to bruising others, you have a small world of friends. And yes! You are a travel-buff.

know what Gardenia flower speaks about you


You are: Easy Going and Adaptive

If Tulips please you, nothing beats your friendly spirit. Being a pro at connecting with people, owing to your sweet and thoughtful nature, you also hold a considerable number of people close to your heart. Blessed with an incredible amount of positivity, you are quite easy to please.

How you are if Tulip flower is your first choice


You are: Nature-Lover and Loyal

Although Daisies are tender, they still hold a charm due to their simplistic style and colour. And a daisy-fan knows the value of relationships. If you find yourself in this category, you have a lot of positive energy. You are cheerful and people await you to make their parties lively

If Daisy please you then what it personifies about you

Like clothing and makeup, flowers too, speak volumes about a person and there is a thing called flower personality in every person. So next time, you meet someone interesting and are eager to know them better, don’t fail to learn about their favorite blooms and surprise them with the knowledge you have about their traits and also by sending flowers online according to their personality.

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