7 Best Ways to Decorate Rakhi Thali

Rakhi is about celebrating the siblings’ love. It is about that unconditional love and faith that you build all these years. It is a lot more than tying thread to your brother’s wrist and taking a gift against it. It is about expressing your heart-warming emotions and celebrating that inseparable bond. Rakshabandhan is one of the biggest Hindu festivals of all times and some people do activities like making rakhis and rakhi thali decoration. It celebrates the love and duty of brothers and sisters towards each other.

Raksha Bandhan is about wishing the best for your brother and praying for his well-being. So, how about adding smiles to your brother’s face by decorating the Rakhi Thali.

Sister with decorated Rakhi thal and her brother celebrating Rakhi

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You can decorate the Rakhi Thali in a variety of ways. So, here’s your step by step guide to 'how to decorate Rakhi thali at home':

1. Traditional Rakhi Thali Decoration

Steel Thali Decoration

  • Bring out the artist in you for Raksha Bandhan thali decoration and paint the Steel Thali with the color of your choice.
  • You can also use Oil paint in a cone and design the Steel Thali in the way you desire
  • Once you have colored the Thali, take mirror cuttings, stars or other decorative items and paste on it.
  • You can also use Kundan, Stones, Zardoshi, etc to give it the look of a Traditional Rakhi Thali
  • You can use your imagination and creativity to decorate the Thali in the most beautiful manner.
Steel Rakhi pooja thali

Ceramic Rakhi Thali Decoration

  • One of many rakhi plate decoration ideas is by pasting a velvet paper on its inner side.
  • Cut the velvet paper in accordance to the inner dimension of the Thali and stick it.
  • Now paint the bowls as per the your choice of color
  • Try using square bowl in the middle of the plate and round bowls all around
  • Decorate the bowls by surrounding them with Pearl Chain.
  • Stick polystyrene balls in a gap of 1 inch on the boundary of the plate.
  • Now, keep a Coconut in the Square bowl and kumkum, rice, sweets, etc in other round bowls.
Ceramic decorative Rakhi thali

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2. Designer Rakhi Thali Decorations

  • Take a Thali that contains certain designs like flowers or leaves
  • There is no further need of decorating it.
  • You can use white colored sweets & lovely pearl Rakhi with it.
  • The extremely royal and attractive Thali is ready!
Designer Rakshabandhan thali

3. A Unique Raksha Bandhan Thali Decoration

Bamboo Plate Decoration

  • Take a bamboo plate (You can also use polystyrene plate)
  • Now, stick a cloth on the plate as per the color of your choiceand stick small stars on it
  • Now to give it more Indian look, put small earthen pitchers at the boundary of the plate
  • Decorate the pitchers with paint. You can also make use of pearl chains.
  • Now, put rice, roli, tikka, and sweets in these pitchers. And your Thali is ready!
Bamboo Rakhi thali decoration

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Pista laced Thali

  • This one is one of the most beautiful and unique designs.
  • For Pista laced plate, paste a maroon velvet paper on the plate.
  • Take one half of the Pista shells and paint themwith golden color
  • Now stick them on the edges of the plate.
  • In the center of the plate, paste five coupled up Pista shells.
  • In a manner that the deep hollow portion faces upwards.
  • Add turmeric, kumkum, rice and Roli in these. Keep Rakhi and sweets on either side
  • Your Unique Rakhi Thali is Ready!
Pista decorated Rakhi thali

4. Royal Thali Decoration

Silver Royalty

  • Take an oval shaped Silver Plate and add two silver bowls to it
  • Keep roli, rice in one bowl and dry fruits in the other.
  • To add the royal grace to the Thali, add a small statue of Lakshmi-Ganesha.
  • Also, add a coconut miniature and put the rakhi in the Thali
  • And your Silver Royalty is Ready!
Silver Rakhi thali decoration

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Bronze Royalty

  • Take the bronze tray that is used for pooja
  • Keep a cloth on it. Preferably blue and green or any other color of your choice
  • Paste Lord Ganesha’s statue on one of the sides
  • Now put roli, tikka, sweets and rakhi on the plate and celebrate the auspicious occasion
Bronze Rakhi pooja thali decoration

We hope the guide was useful. Tell us which Thali decoration you like the most! You can also do the rakhi decoration by yourself to tie the touch of personal love on your brother’s wrist

Decorating a Rakhi thali is a wonderful way to infuse love and creativity into the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. These 7 best ways to decorate Rakhi thali provide endless opportunities to showcase your artistic flair and express your affection for your siblings. Whether it's Raksha Bandhan thali decoration at home or exploring unique thali decoration for Rakhi ideas, the key is to add a personal touch to the thali that reflects your love and bond with your brother or sister. So, this Raksha Bandhan, let your creativity shine as you adorn the thali with love and care. As the sacred festival approaches, embrace the joy of thali decoration for Rakhi and let the beautiful gesture of tying the rakhi be accompanied by an equally captivating and heartfelt Rakhi thali. May these cherished moments of Raksha Bandhan thali decoration at home strengthen the eternal bond between siblings and make this Raksha Bandhan a truly unforgettable and meaningful celebration of love and togetherness