5 Flower Care Tips to Make Them Last Longer

You just bought or acknowledged an absolutely gorgeous bunch of flowers. You are stunned by their freshness and beauty. But you are afraid that soon they’ll wither and end up dried.
So, why do some fresh cut flowers seem to last pretty much longer than others and is there a secret potion that you can put in the vase to make them stay fresh?

cut flowers long lasting tips

Well, here’s the secret:

1. Cut Flowers on an Angle

The first is to cut each stem of the flower on an angle of 45 degrees. Be sure to use sharp kitchen shears or a sterile knife. The objective behind the angled cut is to increase the surface area, thereby allowing the flowers to absorb more water.

Cutting flower stems on an angle of 45 degrees to make it long lasting

2. Go Underwater

It is strictly recommended to cut flower stems under a steady stream of water because when the stem is cut, the flower’s roots immediately lose access to water.

Cutting flower stems underwater to make flower long lasting

3. Vodka Effect

To prevent the growth of bacteria in the water, add a few drops of vodka (or any clear spirit) along with 1 teaspoon sugar. Change the water every other day, refreshing the vodka and sugar each time.

 Adding Vodka / spirit in water containing flower vessel for extra cure of flowers

4. Proper timing

As everything else, flowers can also benefit from a systematic maintenance check. You’ll want to cut flowers and the stems about every three days. Also, assure that you change the vase water.

Keeping track of time when to change water and cut stems for systematic flower care

5. Some Flowers Demand Extra

Well, not all flowers need the same level of attention; some like to be pampered more than others. Some Flowers prefer more Tender Loving Care than others. For instance, the exotic 'Lilies' come with a tag "handle with care" as they are very fragile. Carnations are not meant to be 'kitchen flowers' as they are highly susceptible to ethylene gas. The tender perennial - Gerbera Daisies collect bacteria, which makes it a must to replenish them with floral food every day.

Different flower types in a vase - each flower require distinct care

More Tips on Flower Care:

  • Flowers should be kept in a cool environment – between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • To further preserve flowers, drop an aspirin in the vase. This will help reduce the bacteria count in the water.
  • Keep Flower Arrangements away from fruits, as they release ethylene gas. This gas can prematurely age your flowers and cause them to wilt sooner.