7 Flowers That are Commonly Used in Bouquets

Whether it is an occasion like an anniversary or it is a time to wish someone a happy birthday, flower bouquets are always preferable. The best thing is that there are limitless varieties of flowers available in nature to choose from for creating a bouquet. Flowers of different varieties can come together and give a creative shape to a floral arrangement. A bouquet that is created by stunning flowers can be the perfect gift that can draw the eyes and fill everyone’s heart with magical aroma. Some of the commonly used flowers to create a lovely flower bouquet are listed below so that you can choose such flowers for creating a special bouquet to delight your loved ones on special days.

This list of popular flowers in bouquets has been generated from the most commonly used and purchased blooms. You can pick and choose flowers while getting a customized bouquet ready; however, if you do not specify, you would ideally find these following listed blooms as the common flowers in bouquets.

flowers commonly used in bouquets


Due to the unmatched beauty of Daffodil flowers, they are highly preferred for making a bouquet. Daffodils are available in varieties and also they are highly recurring flowers, that’s why the supply of Daffodil flowers bouquet is higher and readily gifted on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

It also happens to be one of the most commonly used types of flowers in bouquets as they have an added dose of freshness. Daffodils are sturdy blooms that do not wilt away instantly and stay fresh for days to come, provided that you change the vase water on a daily basis. Adding liquid plant food to these commonly used flowers for bouquets could result in your flowers staying fresh upto a whole week before wilting.

daffodil bouquet


You must have been expecting this bloom to be mentioned as the most common bouquet flowers. And you are right! Roses happen to be the most common flowers to be used in creating bouquets. The best thing about using this flower in making bouquets is that the different colors of roses behold different meanings which make expressing feelings easier. For instance, the red rose bouquet is perfect for confessing love whereas a bouquet of yellow roses is in demand to show friendship.

One of the other reasons why these flowers used in bouquets commonly is due to their availability and beauty. This stunning bloom is quite elegant and the demand for expressing love through a bouquet of roses never lessens!

rose bouquet


Gerbera is a flower that is available in different colours. The different varieties of Gerberas carry different meanings, such as innocence, purity, cheerfulness, etc. Therefore, the florists choose gerberas to create bouquets for various occasions. Colorful Gerbera flower arrangements add extra charm to the celebrations and make relationships stronger.

gerbera bouquet


People are so fascinated with the beauty of Orchids that’s why these flowers are commonly used in creating bouquets. This flower has 30,000 species that behold different meanings. So, you can gift an orchid flower in box to your loved ones and express all your feelings so gently. This flower bouquet is highly appreciated by people on various occasions.

orchid bouquet


Carnation flowers are also commonly preferred by florists to create a bouquet. These special flowers, which behold the emotions of love, affection, and gratitude are good to bind and wonderstruck someone you love. As this flower represents deep love and affection, it is mostly used in bouquets so that you can never miss the chance to impress your special ones.

carnation bouquet


The different shades of peonies are used in flower shops to create attractive bouquets to make you express your heartfelt feelings in a unique way. Some common peonies perfectly symbolize romance, fortune, prosperity, and many more. A bouquet made up of peonies can also be gifted to the couples for wishing them a happy married life.

peony bouquet


There are many types and species of lilies. Calla lilies happen to be the most exotic one of the whole lot. Needless to say, lilies are one of the most commonly desired flowers in the world. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and colours. If you want to show the passion you can go with a bouquet of orange lilies. You can choose a white lily bouquet to express modesty. A bouquet made up of lilies is mostly used to express great devotion and humility, making these one of the most popular flowers used in flower arrangement!

lily bouquet

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