Make Your Christmas Merrier with Sweet Christmas Dessert Recipes

The month of December is here and is the most exciting month of the whole year for so many reasons. Well for starters, it is the holiday season and there is a get-together with friends and family members. A lot of surprising presents from Secret Santa on Christmas and deciding the New Year resolutions. But for sweet enthusiasts like us, Christmas is all about desserts! Yes, yummylicious desserts that just add charm to the occasion and make us smile. Luckily for you, we have rounded up the best and easy Christmas dessert recipe here!

Christmas Dessert Recipes

Scroll down a bit and you will find the 10 best scrumptious desserts that you can easily prepare at home-

1. Roasted Chocolate Almonds- Yes! Imagine the deliciousness that almonds hold. Now dip these roasted almonds in chocolate liquid and put them in the freezer. Now just look at the faces of your loved ones while you serve them with this mouth-watering dessert. To make it even more delicious, you can add roasted nuts as well.

Roasted Chocolate Almonds

2. Choco-wrapped Cookies- Now prepare this scrumptious dessert just in a few minutes. You can use your favourite cookie to prepare this dish. Take any cookie and dip it in warm melted chocolate and put it to freeze. Chocolate can add charm to anything and these cookies will taste even better.

Choco-wrapped Cookies

3. White Chocolate Truffle- Bake these sweet and cute delicious truffles at your home with ease. All you need is some cheesy white cream, chocolate, and holly sprinkle to decorate it. You need to dip the chocolate in white cream and let it sit for some time and then finally decorate it with sprinkles. It is surely going to be a treat for the taste buds.

White Chocolate Truffle

4. No-Bake Choco Oreo Cake- Nothing is better than the combination of chocolate and oreo making into a Christmas cake. Yes! We all love Oreos and when the melted chocolate gets on the Oreo biscuits; it’s a heavenly combination. Crush Oreos and mix it with melted chocolate and butter. Put your batter in a mould and let it settle in the freezer. Add some more melted chocolate on the frozen cake to make it more delicious.

No-Bake Choco Oreo Cake

5. Oreo Balls- This is another one for Oreo lovers out there. Easy to make! Simply crush the oreo biscuits and add butter to the mixture. Once it is settled, make cute little balls out of it. Now dip these balls in melted chocolate of your choice and let it freeze for a while. Hurray! Your dish is picture ready.

Oreo Balls

6. Choco Pie- It is one of the most delicious dishes on the list. All you need to do is crush the chocolate biscuits of your choice and mix it in the melted butter. Put in a container and make it flat in a single layer. Pour some melted chocolate over it. Add whipped cream and decorate the dessert.

Choco Pie

7. Peanut Snow Balls- Sounds very much like a Christmas dessert? It is one and you will say the same once it is prepared. Just mix peanut butter and normal butter. Make balls out of it and add some sugar powder to the balls. Let it freeze and your dessert will be ready!

Peanut Snow Balls

8. Chocolate Strawberries- It is the easiest to make dessert on the list. If you love strawberries and chocolates, then you are in for a treat! Simply dip the strawberries in the melted chocolate of your choice and freeze it. A great dessert is waiting for you in the freezer. Go grab it!

Chocolate Strawberries

9. Doughnut Cake- Yes! You read that right. A “doughnut cake”! Make a heap of doughnuts and cover it with melted white/brown chocolate. Pour some caramel on the structure. Sprinkle some powder and sugar to decorate it. And voila, your cake is Christmas ready!

Doughnut Cake

10. Strawberry Christmas Tree- A combination of cookies, chocolate, and strawberries! Place any cookie of your choice as a base and put a strawberry covered with melted chocolate on it. Cover the strawberry with green whipped cream and add white sugar powder to it. Decorate it with sprinkles. Your Christmas tree is ready to eat!

Strawberry Christmas Tree

Hope this guide helps in your Christmas desserts preparation. Bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones and treat their taste buds with these luscious desserts. If you don’t have much time to make these desserts, you can simply order one from FlowerAura. Merry Christmas!

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