9 Healthy Dry Cakes for Health Conscious People

Sometimes making choices is hard in life-- specifically if it is between cake and health. As much as you love smearing your face with the cake, you equally love maintaining your body shape.

9 Healthy Dry Cakes for Health Conscious People

Did you ask, Is there a midway? Well, we believe in “If there is a will, there is a way.” And we surely have a way for you--dry cakes is the solution. We know what is bothering you. How can cakes be healthy? So, we have cleared the air for you. Unlike buttercream or fondant cakes, dry cakes have a reputation for being good for your health.

Source of Energy: Sugar and flour are the main ingredients of the dry cake recipe. These two ingredients are the excellent sources of carbohydrates: carbohydrates influx the muscles, nervous system, and the entire body with energy. Fats present in cakes are also a good source of vitality.

Body-Building and Strength: Sweet confections like cake supply the body with proteins. Cakes are baked with milk and eggs; both are the powerhouse of proteins. Milk is rich in calcium which augments the functioning of bones. Additionally, dry cakes are garnished with almonds, cashews that strengthen the immune system because nuts contain vitamins.

Healthy Gut: “Healthy gut, Healthy you.” Dry fruit cakes loaded with fresh and ripe berries, cherries, apples, pineapples are a storehouse of fibre. Fibrous foods help keep the digestive system healthy. Carrot dry cakes also assist in amplifying the digestion.

So, whenever your tastebuds crave for cakes, and your body warns not to fall for the trap, you know how to hushh the silence, order dry cake online.

1. Butter Cake:

Afternoons can be quite lazy, especially in the spring season. With the winds of spring blowing, sun glowing, and your heart moaning with hunger, a butter cake is a sure solution to all the frowning. As we see, you are a health-conscious person; we would advise you to go with unsalted butter as the main ingredient for the butter cake recipe. So, bake up your mood with a cup of tea and a buttery butter cake.

Butter Cake

2. Pound Cake:

When you are in a pound of a doubt what to eat when your taste buds go crazy with hunger, go for a pound cake. The cake is named Pound because it can be measured as the proportion of its matter; a pound of flour, a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, and a pound of eggs. You can make a pound cake with separating egg whites; this way, you may feel less guilty because the cake is lightly flavoured in this case.

Pound Cake

3. Genoise Cake:

“There is nothing more romantic than Italian food.” And the best way to romance is to share a piece of Genoise cake, said a wise man! Whisk some eggs, sugar, flour with a pinch of chemistry, let it rest so that it blooms with love and taste. In case, you are not a kitchen type of a person or genoise cake doesn’t bloom the way you expected, online cake delivery is always there for you.

Genoise Cake

4. Angel Food Cake:

Whenever you feel yourself wearing the devil horns because hunger, turn to the angel food cake, the name says it all. Only with six ingredients and some fresh fruits you can bake an angel food cake. As butter is not used in this cake; it bakes into a fat-free cake, absolutely perfect for satiating your health-conscious soul. Top it with fruits to make it a more healthy version of the cake.

Angel Food Cake

5. Carrot Cake:

Healthy, sweet, and moist crumb is the defining characteristic of carrot cake. Substitute sugar with brown sugar for the good of your health, add a pinch of cinnamon powder, carrot shreds, ginger for the delicious zing, and your healthy and tasty carrot cake is ready to be tasted. Carrot cake is a recipe that you can bake and eat anytime without second thoughts.

Carrot Cake

6. Whole Wheat Cake:

A heart that dreams of health, health, and only health can never say “No” to the whole wheat cake. Containing wheat flour and jaggery, whole wheat cakes are always tastier and healthier. Add chunks of walnuts to turn your simple walnut cake into a sinful whole wheat cake, just the way you and your people like it.

Whole Wheat Cake

7. Dry Fruit Cake:

Fruits and cakes always taste great together. Loaded with dried fruits including cranberries, cherries, strawberries, and blueberries, each bite of this cake oozes freshness and taste. On your cheat day, you can go for buttercream fruit cake that will transport you to heaven because it tastes finger-licking awesome.

Dry Fruit Cake

8. Mawa Cake:

Mainly a milk-based cake with lots of Mawa (almonds, cashews, pistachios, etc.)--Mawa cake is rich, delicious, and healthy to the core. The spongy bites balanced with the crunchiness of the nuts, mawa cake promises healthy snacking throughout the day.

Mawa Cake

9. Plum Cake:

Being health conscious is good, but chocolate plum cake now and then won't hurt. A type and style of fruit cake, plum cakes are made with raisins, prunes, chocolate. There are other varieties of plum cakes such as vanilla plum cake, plum cake with canned cherries, etc. In every form, plum cakes make for an ambrosial choice.

 Plum Cake

To all the health buff people out there, dry cakes are synonymous with taste and health layered together. So, let the good times roll!