7 Thoughtful Holi Gifts for your Special Ones

Happiness is spread all over as the festival of colours is around the corner. Holi usually falls on a full moon in March and is commended with energetic hues – these shades of delight fill our lives with satisfaction to the core of our souls.

7 Thoughtful Holi Gifts for your Special Ones

The beauty of this celebration is that everyone loses their unique character, and all the distinctions are broken up in the shaded water of Holi. Soaked in colours, individuals don't perceive any bars of rank, class or cast and meet up to enjoy this festival of colours with amazing energy and positive, energetic vibes. On this day, people exchange gifts with their dear ones as an expression of love. If you are also looking for Holi gift ideas or Holi return gift ideas, then scroll down a bit and find out the best ideas!

1. Dry Fruits Box

A box full of different dry fruits is a great gifts idea for Holi. The dry fruits are available in different beautiful boxes like signature box, designer box, and many more. This gift leaves a long-lasting impression on the recipient. Along with the dry fruits, you can send a small bowl of organic gulal as well.

Dry Fruits Box

2. Photo Explosion Box

Memories are meant to be cherished and reliving these memories on the colourful festival of Holi is simply heartwarming. Let your dear ones unbox happiness and cherish the memories by seeing the colourful photographs placed decoratively in the photo explosion box. You can either get this photo box designed by any online website or can show your own creativity!

Photo Explosion Box

3. Holi Theme Cake

Each Festival should start with something sweet, and there is nothing better than a lip-smacking delightful cake. A yummilicious cake will make your and your dear ones Holi celebrations even more happening. You can also send delicious Holi theme cakes to individuals you can’t meet this Holi. This gesture of yours will mean a lot and will strengthen your bond with them

Holi Theme Cake

4. Handmade Chocolates

Chocolates are one of the best gifts for your special ones who are not with you. Regardless of what the occasion is, chocolates can never go out of trend and are always adored by the recipients. You can either gift from a wide assortment of luscious and branded chocolates, for example, Dairy Milk, Ferrero Rocher, etc. or can go for personalised handmade chocolates with the theme of Holi.

Handmade Chocolates

5. Holi Greeting Card

Looking to wish Happy Holi to your dear ones? Well, greeting cards can do the work for you, and you can easily express your feelings. This Holi, don’t just simply stop at shading the faces of your loved ones but touch their hearts with vivid Holi cards. Commend the celebration of colours by sending a colourful greeting card. You can also send personalised greeting cards with photographs on it!

Holi Greeting Card

6. Holi Tees

A Holi special tee makes a perfect gift for this colourful festival. You can send this gift to your loved ones with a funny quote on the Tee like “Gaon Walo! Holi Aa gayi” or “The Big Bhaang Theory” or anything else. This tee will make the Holi more memorable for them when they wear it while playing with colours.

Holi Tees

7. Holi Plant

A gift that will always grow! Nature spreads its colours through plants. The splashing beauty and freshness of plants are unique in their way. You won’t be just sending a gift with this plant, but will be sending fresh air, positive vibes and good luck to your dear ones. Be a little creative by getting the plant vase personalised with your message on it or with the photo of the recipient.

Holi Plant

So, these are some of the best Holi gift ideas. Choose the best for your dear ones! If you are looking for Holi gifts for employee, then you can buy corporate gifts online from an online gifting portal like FlowerAura. Enjoy the festival with full enthusiasm. Happy gifting! Happy Holi!