9 Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Life

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Life of a woman is full of difficulties and duties, when she takes her rights and gets harvest of her toil. - Dr. Jamal

For all the hard work she does, the countless ways in which she makes your life easy and the undeniable contribution she makes in the society, a woman definitely deserves an acknowledgement. Besides, the torment and hardship that women have gone through in the past adds to the reason why International Women’s Day was created.

Listed below are some ways to celebrate the woman in your life:

  • A women listening playlist of her favorite songs

    A playlist of her favourite songs

    Give her the special treatment by taking a little effort of compiling her favourite songs and presenting it to her. So many people have memories associated with music. You can make a list and remind the woman of all the good old times.

  • Couple Spending quality time with each other

    Spending Time with Them

    Give them the time and attention they deserve. Dedicate a day to her or plan a day out for her. It could be treating her with a spa coupon or a surprise picnic with her girl-friends.

  • Happy couple doing dinner together

    A Lunch or Dinner Together

    Take her out for a lunch or dinner. Order her favourite food. Talk to her about her. It’s that simple!

  •  A Photo collage of happy couples

    A Photo Album

    Reminisce about good memories you have had together. A cute, nostalgic collage of some wonderful pictures is sure to revive countless memories you have shared over the years.

  • Thank you, women, for being there always for me

    A Simple Thank You

    We tend to ignore the little things which the women in our life say or do. For once, take the time out to thank them through some kind words or inspirational sayings to make them believe in their competence. A simple appreciation is sure to touch their hearts in the deepest way.

  • A Guy in conversation over phone with the women he loves the most

    A Phone Call

    Don’t underestimate the power of an unexpected phone call. That special woman is sure to feel amazing on receiving your call and be thanked personally.

  • Printed Pictures as LDR Valentine Gift that will revive your old time memories

    A Women-Centric Motivational Book or Movie

    Gift an inspiring book or movie to your lady. It is a great way to acknowledge all the effort she puts in. With a range of motivational books to choose from, pick the one she can relate to the most.

  • Gift women-centric motivational book to your all the ladies in your life

    Flowers, Letters, Cards...

    The easiest way to win a woman’s heart is through sweet little things. Send Women’s Day gifts, flowers, cards and let them know how grateful you are to have her.

  • Best is to say Happy Women's Day with fresh flowers

    Support Her

    Last but not the least, support her dreams and aspirations. Do not restrict her goals but take an action to empower her, support her. Promise her that you would stand by her side and help her pursue her passion.

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