Bringing People Closer; A Hug Is All You Need

If you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan like many of us, then, you would surely know why Joey was so in awe of Hugsy, his bedtime penguin pal. Hn, you would also know the power of affectionate, warm, cosy hugs. Forget even that, do you remember the free hugs movement? The social movement where individuals used to offer hugs to strangers in public places to show random acts of kindness. Just think about it...if just the thought of this noble idea makes us happy, then wonder what effect it shall have on us while actually experiencing it?

Hug Day

This Hug Day, let into detail as to why hugging each other brings us closer. When we are sad, we hug! When we are happy, out of excitement, we hug! Also, to turn sour relations into sweet ones, we hug it out! It’s like a universally approved gesture to comfort or show that you care for someone. It is a sense of comfort, a warm feeling makes us feel healthier and happier.

The benefits of hugging would firstly, include boosting our happiness levels, both in the form of a physical gesture as well as in the form of receiving it as hug day gifts. As per the science behind a hug concerns, it is said that the body releases happy hormones called oxytocin which boosts our happy, positive emotions. Probably, this is why, on every hug day, boyfriends like to treat and greet their girlfriends over some special hug day gifts for gf. A gentle act of kindness or love, a hug like a love drug which intensifies the level of affection and passion that one holds for the other. Often people in relationships quote “The best place on this Earth is to be in your arms forever”. Well, you now know why!

Hug Day Advantage

The advantages of a hug or hugging are not just restricted to the release of happy hormones, but also to reducing stress by showing your support. Often due to some unfortunate incidents, we tend to get all sad and depressed. It is then when we are in dire need of a hug. Research shows when we hug our brain acts in a similar way and end up comforting us, internally.

Also, one would be surprised to know that a hug a day can keep diseases at bay! Hugs are said to make a person fall less sick as they tend to show a person that he/she has got a greater support system which increases his/her morale and makes him/her healthy. Interestingly, hugs act as an antidote to blood pressure issues by lowering or controlling heart rate and blood pressure, which also emphasizes the fact that affectionate relationships are a much-needed thing to lead a happy life. People having low self-esteem or who are prone to anxiety issues, for them hugs acts as a magical cure. The sale of teddy bears shows that this fact is quite evident.

Hug Prevent Diseases

So, now you do not just have a reason to hug each other, but quite a few. Moreover, when a relationship hits a rough patch, hugs help a couple rekindle their romance, love and comfort. And out of this, people end up sticking together, back being a happy couple! So, grab a partner (not necessarily your spouse or significant other) and hug for at least 20 seconds to make this planet a happier, healthier planet.