Gift Trends to Follow this Valentine's Day

Hey, Ya! The millennial couples. We love your energy levels, passion, creativity, and the urge to break the stereotypes when it comes to making love, expressing, and gifting. Every moment, a young couple put the netizens in a state of frenzy with their antics. Be it with memes, larger than life proposals, humorous yet passionate confession videos-- the love birds of 21st century never shy away from en routing the love road less travelled.

If you are one couple wild at heart and romantic at a soul who likes to drive each other bonkers, then this is the read for you. Below we have mentioned seven gift trends to follow this valentine week ( because one won’t be enough).

Trending Valentine Day Gifts

1. Heart-Shaped Gifts

Starting from Rose Day to Valentine’s Day-- 7 days of Valentine denote love. The heart is the universal symbol of love; therefore, it makes absolute sense to please a heart on Valentine’s Day over heart-shaped gifts. Roses in a heart-shaped arrangement, heart-shaped gifts like cushions, mugs, lamps, teapot, earings, etc. are some of the suitable choices to consider. Any token in Dil shape conveys feelings of love explicitly than words will ever convey.

Heart Shaped Gifts

2. Bespoke Gifts

One of the gift trends that is ruling both the hearts and gifting industry is personalised gifts. Engraved with names and imprinted with pictures, bespoke gifts put across human emotions in the best worthy manner. Therefore, for heart-to-heart talks, personalised cushions, mug, photo-frames, tote bags, chocolates, soft toys, accessories are the best conveyor. If you are a couple, then you can go for personalised couple gifts like his & her mugs, couple passport covers, best hubby and wife champagne glasses, and more such heart-warming options. Cheers to love and togetherness!!

Bespoke Gifts

3. Baked Gifts

Love is like cake; sweet and irresistible. Then, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day over cakes? What say? Bake your sweetheart crazy over melt-in-mouth cakes, cupcakes, jar cakes, and pastries. If the kitchen is your second home, then you can bake a cake in the flavour most relished by your lover and ice it with your love. You can indulge your partner, as well. One of the best things to do on Valentines Day, bake love.

Baked Gifts

4. Handmade Gifts

For love is special, it deserves everything special. Handmade gifts present to you a beautiful way to make the love of your life feel all the love that people dream. Explosion box, scrapbooks, a jar of love notes, and an endless DIY. Handcraft something for your partner this Valentine’s Day. With all its imperfections, still, it will be the perfect gift for him or her. So, if you still haven't figured out valentine gifts for him romantic, we are sure, this would help you.

Handmade Gifts

5. Creative Gifts

All things quirky and nice, lights up the mood bright. One can’t have enough creative gifts because they are downright alluring. Unique smartphone stands, funky pop sockets, Netflix and Chill socks, 3-D gifts, superhero-inspired gifts, etc. Classics never go out of style. However, it’s the creative ones that captivate the eyes and heart. So, cast a bewitching spell over the creative gifts.

Creative Gifts

6. LED Gifts

It's Valentine’s Day! Let it be all about glowing love and romance. LED gifts have carved for themself an important place in the list of Valentine Day gifts Ideas. Photo lamps, bottle lamps, table lamps, and LED cushions are the tokens that when presented, will ignite love and romance. Illuminate Valentine's Day with the vibrancy of love by gifting a LED gift to your partner.

7. Kinky Gifts

Valentine’s Day is all about love and more about passion. That smile on your face while reading this, says it all. Kinky gifts innately harbour the power to steam up romance and passion. A hamper of romantic stuff, boxers in kinky prints, kiss-shaped chocolates will spice up things when words are not enough to express. Over these ideas, get ready for some Ooh-Lalala- moments!

Amp up the love in style on Valentine’s Day over these trending gift ideas. You surely wouldn’t want to wait for a whole year, so make the most of it, this year!!