How to Bake Cupcakes in a Microwave Oven?

It’s not difficult to understand that people lack time and patience, but whatever you are up with, learn to make super delicious cupcakes within minutes in a microwave to save time and energy as well as serve the best.

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  Most of you have been in a situation of surprise visits. Maybe you have guests who arrived suddenly at your home or a cousin from abroad came to stay for a few days and now you need to settle things and impress them as well. The best option is to serve them with good food. But what are your plans for desserts? It should be a mouthwatering cupcake within minutes prepared and served wisely.

With the provided techniques you will get that hot and delicious cupcake in just with a blink (not literally), and you can pamper your guests with some extra tasty dessert. Here is the necessary information on how to bake a cupcake in a microwave oven.

What is all Required to Bake a Cupcake?

It entirely depends on you what flavor you want for your cake. So you can choose any of them like banana, strawberry, apple, chocolate, etc. You need a coffee mug, oven glass bowls or small containers for whatever shape you want your cupcakes to be in.

Ingredients: Eggs

  • Flour
  • Cinnamon
  • Granulated sugar
  • Cocoa powder
  • Baking powder
  • Salt
  • Vanilla extract
  • Vegetable oil
  • Eggs and water

Here’s how to bake cupcake:

Here is the needed information and steps on how you can make a cupcake for yourself.

Note- Before you start baking the cake, make sure to grease it unless you will be spending all your time trying to get the cake out of the jar.

1. First of all, take a glass bowl or a mug or a jar and wash it properly.

2.Add flour, granulated sugar, cocoa powder, and baking powder in a bowl. Add cinnamon, baking powder, salt, vanilla extract, oil, and salt to the mixture. Add water to the mixture along with well-beaten eggs and cocoa powder and mix them properly. Your ingredient mixture for the cupcake is ready.

3. Microwave the mixture for about two minutes and keep checking the softness by inserting a toothpick or a spoon. This will also help in finding whether the cupcake will come out clean or not.

4.The last step is the decoration of your cupcake. Add frosting or icing, some cherries, and nuts whatever you like.

It’s not just about baking the cake and making it look prettier than ever. You need to serve it in the best way. Yes, you get scores for presentation. Serving cake without a nice presentation will be like watching a movie without your favourite characters, you watch it, but it feels like something is missing.

One of the best and most preferred ways is to cut these cupcakes into two halves and serve with sugar on the top. Another delicious way is to add candy or chocolate on top of the cake before baking. This gives a perfect shape to the center of the cake like that of molten chocolate or chocolate.

Now, grab a seat and wait for the applause as your relatives or friends will be surprised by your efforts and cooking skills. Nobody knows your little secret of baking the best cupcake with the least pressure and no sweat. Or if you don’t have time or you are not in the right mood to make one, you can easily order cupcakes online.

If you want to prepare the cake at home and if you are new to this then also you no to worry just read about cake decorating tools for beginners