Get Innovative with Lohri Gift Ideas for Friends and Family this Year

Lohri is one of the popular festivals in Punjab. The bonfire harvest festival is celebrated in the month of January and is the symbol of new beginnings. Friends and relatives gather around the fire and perform Gidda and Bhangra to the beat of Dhol and the drums.

Lohri Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

If you’re all set to attend a Lohri party today or to host one, here’s your guide to be innovative and ditch boring gifts. Celebrate the day with some innovative and modern Lohri gift ideas.

1. Mason Jars

Add a twist to your Lohri gifts by decorating a mason jar with Lohri goodies. You can add innovative goodies in the mason jar made by you in the home or assorted chocolates. In your jar, you can put dry fruits, muffins, dry fruits, etc. To add a little uniqueness, you can label these jar to give them your unique personalised touch.

Mason Jars

2. Plants

Plants have made their way to everyone’s heart. Not just because of the appearance but due to its various health benefits. A potted plant is always a noble gift idea for any kind of occasion. There are a plethora of options available if you are searching ideas for Lohri gifts online such as Money plant, Bamboo plant, Snake plant, Aloe Vera plant, Ficus plant, Bonsai plant, etc.

Plants for Lohri

3. Delectable Cakes

Cakes are a universal delight and are one among the most shared gifts around the world. If you are looking for some delicious Lohri gift ideas to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones then cakes may be the way to go. Cakes are a delicious option that will surely show your loved ones that you have them in mind.

Delectable Cakes

4. Floral Adoration

The loveliness of flowers is always valued. As the wintry weather is gifted with a huge diversity of fresh flowers, hence you may choose an aromatic bunch of fresh flowers to gift your loved ones on the auspicious occasion of Lohri. You can order online a bouquet of fresh flowers and present it to your loved ones.

5. Personalised Hampers

Whether you are looking for traditional or for modern Lohri gift ideas, personalised gifts are always a hit. Send your Happy Lohri Wishes on this festival of Lohri to your friends and family with a personalised gift that holds a special message.

Personalised Hampers

6. Flavoured Popcorns

Butter flavored popcorns are old, add a touch of different flavours to your popcorns. Popcorn can take your innovative gifts a long way. Instead of distributing the simple flavour popcorn go for something different like the chocolate or strawberry flavoured popcorns. Simply layer your popcorn with strawberry, chocolate or caramel syrup or cream and pack them in beautiful wrapping papers as beautiful Lohri gifts for family and friends.

Flavoured Popcorns

So these were some innovative Lohri gift ideas to send to your family and friends. But if you are that traditional type then you can opt for traditional Lohri gift ideas such as sweets, dry fruits, peanut chikki, etc. Happy Lohri!

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