Bittersweet Chocolate Day- Another Reason to have Chocolate!

Chocolates have been everyone’s favourite since the time they have come into existence. And for the chocoholics out there, we have got you another reason to indulge in a guilty pleasure, a little more. Want to know how? Well, it is because we have Bittersweet Chocolate Day just around the corner.

Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Celebrated on January 10, worldwide, the day gives you a chance, to not just taste this brown beauty, but also to relish its darker side. Unlike white chocolate or milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate does not contain any milk. And it is a sweetened version of dark chocolate made up of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla. Not just this, as per FDA, it is instructed to add 35% of cocoa liquor in any Bittersweet Chocolate.

The dark chocolates are often hard or tough in structure, rich in taste, and is considered as one of the common ingredients in baking. In fact, in the Mexican chocolate that has the hint of Cayenne (hot-tasting red powder prepared from dried chilli peppers), the foundation ingredient is dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

Other facts that justify Chocolate Day Celebration at its peak is that daily consumption of a dark chocolate bar leads to lessening the risk of any heart disease by one-third. Also, all types of chocolates contain some stress-relieving antioxidants that help in maintaining low blood pressure.

How to Celebrate this Bittersweet Chocolate Day?

Well, whenever chocolate is in question, the answer to it is also chocolate. So, what is better than indulging yourself in chocolatey delight? Yes, below we are giving you a quick and easy recipe to make chocolate filled oreo delight. That is not just fun to make, but also, is yummilicious in taste.

Chocolate Delight

Oreo Candy- All you need for this super quick and delectable chocolate delight is a pack of oreo cream-biscuits, a bar of dark chocolate and white chocolate (optional), some wooden ice-cream sticks, sprinkles and chocolate chips.

● Start the preparations with melting the chocolate in a container.

● Take an oreo cream biscuit and fix the ice-cream stick.

● Now that your chocolate is melted, dip this candy-like biscuit in it and keep it on a tray. Repeat the same step with the remaining cookies.

● After done, keep your tray full of dipped oreo biscuits in the refrigerator, to set.

● Serve it as a side dish with evening coffee or as an after-dinner dessert.

Also, the above recipe can be one of your handmade gifts for Chocolate Day. And for more such quick and easy sweet recipes, do not forget to visit and dive in a chocolate pool.