Best Propose Day Shayari to Express Your Love

Expressing your love is one of the most difficult yet most beautiful things in the world. You get excited, emotional, nervous, anxious, happy all at the same time. When you tell that special someone that you love him or her, that you wish for them to become an inseparable part of your being, it has to be magical and memorable! Hence, the day, the time, the Propose Day Shayari you say and the place where you say them, you want them all to be perfect, don’t you? After all, it’s your better half we are talking about!

Coolest Shayari to Express your Love on Propose Day

If you are planning to express your heart’s deepest feelings, then your timing can not be better as Valentine’s Week is just around the corner; the market will be filled with all the wonderful Valentine’s cakes, Valentine’s gifts and Valentine’s Flowers, all available for you to choose and moreover, an entire day that is dedicated to letting people finally express the way they feel. Yes, you guessed it right, Propose Day!

When you decide to finally say the way you feel, just saying it would not be enough, you gotta say it with words that are as deep as your feelings. If you ask us, no words hold more depth than the ones used in Hindi Shayari. These Hindi short poems and sonnets touch that sacred place in all our hearts that we keep safe from the rest of the world. So this time, if you want to open up your heart in front of that one special person, then we are here to help you with a few ‘propose shayari in Hindi.

#.मैं तो तुझमे गम हूँ, तू भी खोजा मुझमे
मैं पानी में भी जल जाऊं वो आग है तुझमे

#.Beqaraar dil ko sabaar ki inteha mili
Ek shakhas me jo kuch dardoon ko panah mili
Lafzoon me bayan kar panna mumkin naa hua
Jab mohobat me tumhari, meri nazroon ko zubaan mili….

#.क्यों बढ़ रही है धड़कनें, क्यों बेवजह खुश हूँ मैं
क्या मालुम है तुझे तेरे इश्क़ में हूँ मैं?

#.Raat dhalne ka intezaar kyu na kare
Hume bas in raaton me rahat hai…
Din me baichain se beqaraar hai jazbaat
Hume bas raaton me chain ki rahat hai…
Baichainio me tere sheher aa pahoche anjane hum
Raaton me galio se jan pehchan ki rahat hai…
Tujhe keh dia ke mohabat hai tujhe din ke ujalon me
Raat ke sannaton me teri haan ki rahat hai…

#.हुआ है इश्क़ मुझे एक ऐसे चेहरे से
जो भरदे रौशनी मेरे हर अँधेरे में
आओ तुम्हे दिखालूदूं वो शक्श हसीं है कौन
पर बिन शीशे भला तुम खुद को कैसे देखोगे

#.Guroor nahi magar tera hone ka yakeen lazmi hai
Shaam ki berukhi me tere na hone ki khalish lazmi hai
Tere nazdeek hone par rooh ki khushi or chehre ki muskan ki tarah he
Tere na hone par meri duniya me roshni ki kami lazmi hai…

#.मुझे भर के बाहों में तुमने छोड़ा क्यों नहीं
ये सपने में पुछा तुमने, क्या मैं सच में बतलाऊँ

#.Sab bas sahi tha… ek beiraba kaidi faqat pinjre me band tha
Sab bas sahi tha… na koi soch thi par na waqt ka sitam tha
Phir kuch badla, tum mile or tumhari nazro me kaidi ko dunia dikhi
Ab pinjre me rehna kaidi ko gawara nahi
Or dunia dikhane wale k siwa koi shara nahi
Manzaar kaid ka kuch is qadar badla
Ke ab kaidi azad hai magar in nazroon se dur jane ka ishara nahi…

#.Main sitaroon bhari raat me chand ko dekhta nahi
Main vadiyon me baitha nazaaron ko dekhta nahi
Kuch esa sukoon h bas use dekhe jane me
Ke jha woh dikhai de jata hai, main usse aage dekhta nahi

Opportunities like Propose Day do not come again and again; Shayari is the best option to start expressing what is in the heart or feelings. Share it on Whatsapp.

Words are hollow until someone utters them and fills those voids with emotions. This time make your Online Valentine gifts special by putting in some romantic words from our collection and say the way you feel, in style, Happy Propose Day from us to you and yours!