10 Romantic Christmas Date Ideas For Couples

For most of us, the holiday period means more time off to spend with friends, family and other loved ones. Under the latter category comes your significant other. Take the opportunity on this holiday to spend some quality seasonal time with your romantic interest.

10 Romantic Christmas date ideas for Couples

Not only is it a special time of the year, charged with excitement and mystery, perfect for a romantic adventure, but also because the season is so special and unique, there are all sorts of Christmas date options available that you normally do not have during the rest of the year.

If you are dating someone new around Christmas time, there are plenty of opportunities to get to know each other better and make the seasonal celebration all the more special. You might want to brave the cold and venture out to join the thronging masses in a spot of Christmas shopping or some other winter activity, so here are some ideas that can bring both you and your better half closer than ever before!

1. Watch a romantic Christmas movie

One of the most fun things to do when it's cold and miserable outside is to cuddle up with the person you are dating, a bowl of popcorn or perhaps a bottle of wine and settle down to watch a classic Christmas movie together. You can either go traditional with something like 'It's a Wonderful Life', 'A Christmas Carol' or 'Miracle on 34th Street', or perhaps opt for something modern but with just as much of a Christmassy feel, say, 'Bridget Jones's Diary', 'Love Actually' or the very funny 'Elf'. But choose carefully - if things go well it could end up being 'our movie'.

2. Bake Christmas cookies

Baking Christmas Cookies

Cooking might not immediately strike you as the most romantic activity in the world, but just picture the scene - the warmth of the stove, the sweet aromas of cinnamon with ginger will magnify your and your partner’s emotions. And, if nothing happens between the two of you, at least you end up with something to show for it - a delicious plate of cookies or Christmas cakes! Or, if it goes the other way, just do not get too carried away and forget those cookies are still in the oven.

3. Wrap gifts together

Wrap Gifts Together

Wrapping Christmas gifts is a fun way to get to know a little bit more about your dating partner and the practical activity takes away some of the pressure of a regular question/answer discussion, which can seem more like an interview. You will find out loads of fascinating things about your date's nearest and dearest - what people buy others as gifts can be very revealing - and you will find each gift can be a real conversation starter. And, once again, if the date doesn't go to plan, at least you will end up with the job of wrapping all your Christmas presents done and dusted.

4. Decorate the tree together

Decorating the tree is another fun way to prepare for Christmas together, and a natural conversation starter where you are likely to find out a lot about your dating partner's past Christmases as the memories come flooding back with all the old baubles and tinsel. Of course, for a job such as this, classic Christmas tunes tinkling in the background are called for, along with a delicious Christmassy drink like port or sherry and some yummy Christmas nibbles to keep you going. Then just sit back with your drinks and enjoy the beautiful thing you've created as a couple.

5. Skating

Skating is a traditional winter pastime, and is perfect for budding romance. There are plenty of opportunities to dazzle your date with your moves, or fall "accidentally" into your date's arms. Skating rinks are open in various locations around the world so spotting one is not going to be difficult.

6. Skiing

Skiing, like skating, is a traditional winter pastime. Now there might not be many options when it comes to skiing in temperate countries but if you can find a place, the date is going to be all the more special.

7. Build a Gingerbread house

Build a Gingerbread house

It is commonly said, couples who make a Gingerbread house together stay together! But what if you are not good at it? Worry not, pre-made and ready-to-go gingerbread mixes are available in supermarkets which can be ordered, or purchased depending on how much quantity you require.

8. Charity event

There's nothing like doing good deeds for others to get your Christmas buzz going. Sharing quality activities is a great way to really get to know each other in a good light, and nothing says "heart of gold" like volunteer charity work.

9. Hit the flea market

Hit the flea market

Christmas flea markets are ever so popular and not to exaggerate, very romantic. These winter markets have food stalls, gorgeous shows and other entertainment pieces scheduled and shopping can be done in abundance. Also there is a benefit of hitting these flea markets, and that happens to be a very pocket friendly place to shop at!

10. Go flower picking

This last activity does not necessarily have to be about picking Christmas flowers. The idea is to be closer to Mother Nature. If you are going on a trail with the idea of collecting certain flowers, certain plants or leaves even.

Holiday time is a source of strain for many couples. One or both partners may work hard to please each other's family members, manage social engagements, and fulfill obligations to friends and co-workers.

A relationship is really made up of memories. Communicate with each other what kind of memories you want to look back on and only then plan the date night for your better half.

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