10 Best Suitable Plants for Bathroom to Uplift Your Bathing Experience

Have you been racking your brain, trying to come up with an impressive decor idea for your bathroom? Little were you aware, but indoor plants can work magic for your pretty little bath area. Small pots of greenery are undoubtedly some alluring additions to the damp space. So, get thinking about some fancy bathroom plant ideas to relish the goodness of a spa, right at your home.

Are you wondering whether it is ideal for potting a plant in the bathroom? Well, if indoor plants could amplify the essence and outlook of a house, kitchen, and bedroom, it certainly works wonders in a bathroom too. Ideal or not - let’s find out.

Little did you know, but conditions like humidity and low-light are perfect for lush foliage. However, the conditions are not ideal for every plant known. Let’s quickly read about the top 10 plants to keep in the bathroom.

Best Suitable Plants for Bathroom

1. Spider Plants

To begin with, spider plants are one of the most generous variants of flora and fauna found in nature. If your bathroom is a moderately lit place, this plant can work wonders. It wards off impurities from the air, some toxic ones like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Impressed already? Well, spider plants are very rewarding. New buds sprout up pretty frequently. Therefore, you can always pot the new buds or give away to your near and dear ones.

Instructions for maintenance - Place your spider plant around your bathroom window or an area that receives some sunlight.  Water the plant once or twice a week.

Spider Plants

2. Zanzibar Plant

Air plants in the bathroom are not particularly seen in typical households. However, including some fresh greenery in a place that’s a stickler for warmth, humidity, and texture is a brilliant idea. It furnishes the space with a burst of nature. What’s more important? It purifies the air indoors in a great natural way. The Zanzibar plant is no different. Speaking of lush foliage, this plant is rightly the best example. Long waxy leaves, vibrant and green in color supported with strong stems, the Zanzibar plant is a beautiful piece of ornamentation to a basic bathroom.

A rarely known fact about the Zanzibar plant - Maintaining it is a cakewalk. The plant suffices in low light. So, don’t worry if your bathroom is deprived of quality sunlight. The plant will still bloom and refresh the atmosphere in the bathroom.

Zanzibar Plant

3. Boston Fern

Do you prefer choosing plants that are a low-maintenance wonder? Well, the Boston Fern could be your ideal pick. The feathery fern leaves are gorgeous accessories to a dull restroom. Pot them in a beautiful hanging basket or use them in an embellished pot, Boston Ferns are stunning to look at. Drapes of lush green feathery ferns are certainly an enchanting addition to any bathroom.

Instructions to Follow - Nothing much, really! The plants are incredibly low-maintenance and thrive well in humid places. Turn your mundane restroom into a beautifully adorned place without shelling out riches. The Boston Fern works magic and transforms the room into a beautiful, luxe space.

Boston Fern

4. Aloe Vera

The befitting role of aloe vera is not unknown. Working as an instant relief from burns and inflammation, aloe vera is a much-needed plant in every household. The plant is a succulent. No fancy and strenuous hours of care are needed to help the plant grow. It is a perennial tropical variant that does need bright light. However, the plant can certainly adjust to temperature swings.

Variation of Colors - Blushing yellow blooms and gray-green variants.

Aloe Vera

5. Peace Lily

Speaking of beautiful tropical plants suitable for bathrooms, the peace lily is a name that cannot be missed. The lush and thick, wide leaves cast a beautiful spell to an ordinary washroom. It works like magic in purifying the air in the bathing space too.

Instructions to be Followed: Keep the plant exposed to indirect light.

Peace Lily

6. Bamboo

Is there a persistent stench in your bathroom? Have you been searching for the best plants for the bathroom smell? Well, Bamboo is a plant that rules out the odor in no time. The plant blooms in no soil too. Did you know that the feng shui bamboo plant in the bathroom paves the way for good health also? It is a zen plant that needs very low-light to thrive. However, the plant is excellent at cleaning the air from bacteria and bad odor. Just fill your plant pot with a few pebbles and some water.

What to keep in mind? - Remember watering the plant for the best results.


7. Orchid

Orchid is one of the plants that can be kept in the bathroom. It flourishes and blooms in warm, humid conditions. So, if you love jumping into a steamy shower, worry not! The foliage of orchid will only grow because the plant loves humidity.

Instructions to be followed - Keep your orchid exposed to indirect sunlight.


8. Cast Iron Plant

The name says it all, This plant is great at withstanding absolute shade. If you are not a big fan of too much foliage, then the cast iron plant is your best bet. The indoor plant is tropical and often seen in households since it is low-maintenance.

What to note: The cast iron plant is often not seen with flowers. Although the plant suffices complete shade, exposing it to low, indirect light at times can do the trick.

Cast Iron Plant

9. Snake Plants

Let’s crack on with a funny fact first. Guess what another name for snake plants is? The ‘Mother-In-Law’s-Tongue!’ Well, if low-maintenance air plants in the bathroom are sought after, snake plants undoubtedly tops the charts. Just stack the plant in a bathroom and witness it bloom and flourish. That’s right! No fancy care, too much sunlight, or ideal humidity is required to pot the plant. Snake plants are of great benefit also. We often forget, but formaldehyde is a chemical that is found in bathroom cleaning solutions and tissues, as well. Inhaling it is more harmful than you think. Snake plants naturally detoxify the air and ward it from chemical-rich substances like formaldehyde.

Snake Plants

10. Ivy

Yes, Ivy is a breathtaking plant often spotted in lawns or backyards of houses. Little did you know but Ivy can luxuriously amp up your bathroom interiors too. Chuck it in a hanging pot and leave it. In a few days, the Ivy will drape your walls and pipes in the most beautiful way.


Furnishing bathrooms with plants is a home decor trend in vogue. It does add up to the beauty of the space. However, these plants contribute goodness to the air quality of the bathroom, as well.