10 Low Maintenance Plants For A Picturesque Balcony

So what if you do not have a large and green backyard? Your balcony can compensate for the lack of greens! From vertical gardens to pots that can be hung on the balcony grills, there is no dearth of options once you decide to revamp your balcony. Since our tough lifestyles barely leave any time for us to focus on ourselves, we understand if you want to spend your evenings or early mornings sipping on a cup of hot coffee and rather than tending to plants. We have carefully curated a list of 10 low maintenance plants for balcony that are harder to kill than to keep alive! Take a look:

Low Maintenance Plants For A Picturesque Balcony

1. Aloe Vera

If you do not have this multi-tasker in your home already, then we seriously suggest that you get one asap. It rejuvenates skin and hair and can be used to treat minor wounds that the little ones bring home. Water it only when the soil is completely dry, and this insect-resistant plant will rarely need your attention. Superheroes that we know wear capes, but this super-plant doesn’t!

Aloe Vera

2. Pothos/Devil’s Ivy

We don’t know how this plant came to be known as a ‘money plant’, but the saying goes that if you have this plant in your home, there never will be any financial crisis. Surely an attractive plant, it does need to be kept away from direct sunlight in your balcony to keep the heart-shaped leaves from getting scratched. Water it once a week and let it filter out pollutants from the air before it enters the room. We suggest growing it vertically if space is a constraint.

Pothos/Devil’s Ivy

3. Spider plant

With its leaves flaunting a devil-may-care attitude, this plant can add a wild untamed look to any balcony. Keep the soil moist during summers but refrain from watering it before the soil dries during winters. Place two pots of this pretty petite plant along the balcony door and step into a balcony of whimsical charm!

Spider plant

4. Basil

Love Italian or Thai food? Then you need to have a basil plant in your balcony. Place it along with other plants that need some sunlight, water it sparingly and you have the king of herbs available for free. The Indian variety of basil or tulsi is widely known and used for its medicinal benefits and boosting immunity. One of the best plants for balcony.


5. Jade Plant

One of the best outdoor plants, the jade plant is fondly gifted as the ‘friendship tree’. It does not burn in sunlight, does not need any water and can thrive in the toughest of soils. So like true friendships, it too survives the harshest of times! True friends fill our lives with positivity, this one cleans the air of pollutants. Beat that!

Jade Plant

6. Cactus

Perfect for a bohemian balcony with a comfortable mattress on the ground and fairy lights on the walls, the cactus is indeed an eclectic choice. If it can survive in a desert, it can surely thrive in your balcony. Some varieties of the cactus flower once a year, so you want to pick that up if you want a little bit of colour along with a lot of thorns. It is one of the best low maintenance balcony plants.


7. Desert Rose

Speaking of deserts, Adenium or desert rose is one of the best flowering plants for your balcony. This tiny plant can withstand neglect and dues to its small size, it is best kept in pairs or bunches. If red or pink flowers put a smile on your face after a hard day at work, then this one is for you!

Desert Rose

8. Pansy

Now that we have shifted focus to flowers, let us tell you a secret. Pansies can be grown even in small wooden boxes in the darkest corners of your balcony. Its beautiful fragrance and vibrant flowers will fill your hearts with joy and your balcony with colour!


9. Boston Fern

The most gorgeous looking fern with frilly leaves and hanging fronds, the Boston fern will look glorious in a basket that hangs from your balcony’s ceiling. Extremely easy to care for, you can take a long trip to Boston and this plant will still be as green as ever once you are back.

Boston Fern

10. Rubber Tree

Majestic with its deep green leaves, the rubber plant is capable of cleaning the air of pollutants, thus providing you with a place to take more than a few deep breaths before starting your day. Keep it is the bright spot but away from direct sun and this humble plant will add oodles of charm to your balcony.

Rubber Tree

While starting out you may want to pick just one or two plants, but once these win your heart, your balcony will want more. We suggest keeping an aloe vera and hard-to-kill variety like and jade plant first and gradually you can start adding flowers to the mix. You can up the ante by adding colourful pots and in no time this will become your favourite spot at home.

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