DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Markets are being flooded with glittery Christmas decorations, homes have begun to sparkle with twinkling lights, and the atmosphere has started to reverberate with the holy echoes of carols. Hence, Christmas is knocking at the door

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

And, we very well know that your Christmas gift preparations have started. Right? That means delicious hampers containing plum cakes, adorable snowman plush toy, custom-made Christmas gifts are your this season’s top pick for wishing to your Christian friends and other close relations a Merry Christmas.

The spirit of Christmas is embedded in the idea of spreading love, throwing merriness around, and rejoicing with your closed ones the birth of Jesus Christ. As you set forth to bestow your relations with holy joy and happiness wrapped as gifts, it is well-advised that you do it with handmade Christmas gifts for friends, family, and relatives.

When you handcraft gifts, you tend to emblazon it with your love, warmth, and care-- the aura of which continues to fragrant the life of the giftee for years to come.

Let’s create some merrily-amazing Christmas gifts

1. Scented Candles For Lit Christmas:

Help your relations mark the joyous festival of the season-- Christmas in a sparkling way by gifting them handmade gorgeous scented candle which will make their home smell pleasant all through the winters. And they are plain and pretty to make.

  • Melt candle making wax in a pot on medium flame.
  • Once the wax is melted, add to it a few drops of scented oil (choose the scent as per your desire).
  • Add a few drops of green pigment into one bowl (For Christmas feels).
  • Place the wick at the bottom of a candle jar. To hold it in a place to fasten it with glue.
  • Fill the jar with layers of green wax.
  • Allow it to solidify.
  • Cut the wick.
  • Festooned the candle with a ribbon.
Scented Candles For Lit Christmas

2. Snow Globe For Beautiful Christmas:

If you want to create a Christmas gift for him and her both, this is the ideal pick. Beautiful and unique like the snow, this snow globe will make them feel the chilly Christmas vibes.

  • Take a clean mason jar. If you could find an empty snow globe that will be great for the authentic feels.
  • Stick the Christmas figurines on the underside of the lid using a glue. Make sure they are fixed permanently. (epoxy is a great defense against water).
  • Now fill the jar with distilled water and add a few drops of glycerin to make it thick.
  • Add glitter to the water for the snowy effect.
  • Insert the figurine into the jar and screw the lid.
  • Make sure the lid is tight
Snow Globe For Beautiful Christmas

3. Stuffed Stockings For Cozy Christmas:

Wish Everyone in the family a cozy Christmas, and let them sleigh in style with custom-made stockings. And tuck the stockings with gifts for making it jingle good sock for your loved ones. This one is of the easy-peasy DIY Christmas gift ideas that assure you to bring jolliness to every recipient.

  • From a large cloth cut out a stocking. You can either draw out the shape freehand or use socks to get the shape.
  • You can use different kinds of cloth materials like furry cloth material, old pair of striped jeans, a plain woolen fabric, etc.
  • Deck the stockings with the names or initials of the recipient, stick some emojis or Christmas figurines, paint some quirky images, etc.
  • Fix a loop at the inner edge of the stockings.
  • Lastly, fill it with goodies.
 Stuffed Stockings For Cozy Christmas

4. Dessertful Mason Jar For Delicious Christmas

This dessert full mason jar is a quick giftable recipe that anyone can try their hands on and they will come out with flying colors. And for your sweet-tooth friends, there is no greater joy than unjarring a jar full of deliciousness..

  • All you need is a mason jar or jars.
  • Fill the jar with all the sweet goodies, cookies, toffies, and everything edible and sweet.
  • If you are into cooking, you can bake some and stuff the jar with it like caramel sauce, cake slices, etc.
  • Tie a ribbon on the lid and add a tag. Or for cuter feels, decorate it with snowmen, penguins, etc.
Dessertful Mason Jar For Delicious Christmas

Channelize your inner creativity and thoughtfulness to handcraft Christmas gifts for your beloved relations. And it will be appreciated and cherished for many more Christmas to come.

These were just a few ideas, and there are more like a charming body care box, Christmas tree ornaments, homemade gingerbread or plum cake hamper, greeting cards, scented potpourri, crochet apparels, and an endless list of options.

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