How To Make Pop Up Flower Card At Home

We all have loved pop-up cards since our childhood. Be it birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, handcrafted cards make for the most affectionate gifts that always remain close to our hearts. While we have spent our childhood making these cards of special occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it is time that you teach your children how to make this beautiful piece of art and craft and make their childhood memorable too. To begin, let’s start with the easiest of all and learn to make a tulip flower pop-up card in some easy steps. All you need are some simple materials for this pop up flower card which includes flower card, paper, scissors and glue and you can begin crafting your pop-up card at once.

How To Make Pop Up Flower Card At Home

Supplies Needed For Pop-Up Card

• Green cardstock

• Red, pink or purple cardstock

• Scissors

• Extra strength glue stick

Step By Step Instructions To Make Pop Up Card

Here are flower pop up cards DIY instructions that you must follow to create a beautiful tulip 3d pop up card.

Step 1: Take the green card stock paper and fold it into half width-wise. Now open it up and cut it into half along the folded crease. Now, further fold the half sheet of cardstock in half again, this time length-wise to create the card.

Step 1 to create 3d pop up card

Step 2: Cut two slits in the middle of the folded side of the card 1-inch apart from each other. Make each of the slits about 2-inches in length.

Step 2 to create 3d pop up card

Step 3: Now, fold down and crease the section in the middle of the card that was created by cutting the slits.

Step 3 to create 3d pop up card

Step 4: Now open-up the green card stock again. Invert the section of paper you folded down and close your card again along the crease. Now, when you open up the card, the inverted section should stand upright in the crease of the card making the pop out for your tulip flower.

Step 4 to create 3d pop up card

Step 5: Cut out three pop up flowers and three of flower petal pieces per flower. Also cut out enough leaves for 6 flowers cutting out 2 leaves for each flower. Paste the leaves cut out on green cardstock and tulip petals page on red, pink or purple cardstock. Cut out the flower template pieces for your pop up flower card.

Step 6: Fold two of the flower petals in half for each flower. Put some glue on the right and left edge of the unfolded flower petal and attach your folded petals to it, with the folded edge of the petal facing inward on both sides. This gives your tulip a 3D flower effect.

Step 7: Now, put glue at the top of your pop out section on your card. Glue your 3D paper flower onto the pop out. If you are including more than one flower, glue each of the flowers on the pop out section of the card.

Step 8: Finish your pop up flower card by gluing two leaves underneath the flowers on the stem.

Step 9: If you want to personalize your card for a Mother’s Day card, Valentine’s Day card, or for a simple spring card, use markers to write a message on the bottom of the card.

Now, you can get creative with this card, however you like. You can make some additional paper flowers and paste them on the back base of the card. You can customize the card as per your own preference and teach your children new ways to get creative with this card either you are making a birthday greeting card or a Valentine’s Day card, these pop-up cards definitely stand out.