How to Print Name and Designs on Chocolates?

We all are fond of personalised merchandise and gifts. Aren't' we? Whether it is clothes, accessories, plants; we are always looking for customisation. Even in cakes and desserts, we appreciate personalisation. Personalised chocolate and cake have become quite popular in celebrations and gifting. While having a bite of personalised chocolate or cake; it must have occurred to you how do they print names and designs over it? What's the science behind it?

How to Print Name and Designs on Chocolates?

Today, we are going to answer the most asked question: How To Print Name on Chocolate?

Names on chocolate are printed with the help of a chocolate transfer sheet.

The next obvious question is, what is a chocolate transfer sheet?

A chocolate transfer sheet is a transparent acetate sheet containing an edible layer made of cocoa butter with a light dusting of confectioner's sugar. Transfer sheets can be placed on moulds, silicone, 3D, polycarbonate moulds, magnetic chocolate moulds.

Acetate sheets are commonly used in baking processes. It is a flexible, clear plastic for imparting a high sheen to chocolate. Transfer sheets can be placed on moulds, silicone, 3D, polycarbonate moulds, magnetic chocolate moulds.

Printing Names Using Chocolate Transfer Sheet

Printing Names Using Chocolate Transfer Sheet

Firstly, transfer sheets are fed into edible ink printers equipped with edible refill ink cartridges to print names on chocolates. The printed words on the sheets are then transferred to chocolates which swivel these delectable treats into exquisite creations.

There are different ways to print names and designs on chocolates using a transfer sheet. Do you think it will be too much? Wait until you witness and have a bite of the personalised chocolate.

One way is to print the chocolate transfer sheet using the edible ink printer, pouring a layer of melted chocolate evenly. Allow it to harden and remove the transfer sheet. Name or design will be printed on the chocolate.

The second way is to set the sheet in a mould to get a pre-moulded product using your chocolate transfer sheet.

The first method is commonly used for printing designs and names on the chocolates.

printing designs and names on the chocolates

Get the name or pattern you want on the chocolate on the cocoa butter side of the sheet. You can use an edible ink printer or buy a designer chocolate transfer sheet; the choice is yours.

Always pour an even chocolate layer, thick or thin and ensure it does not pierce through the sheet. The melted chocolate layer will heat the cocoa butter design or name of the sheet just enough to print it on the chocolate.

Some Pro Tips To Remember:

After pouring the chocolate layer, gently pick the sheet from both the sides to drip off the excess chocolate.

Press the sheet firmly but do not stress it.

Let the chocolate cool and settle down. As it sets, the cocoa butter design will be printed and get separated from the acetate sheet.

Use a cookie cutter, knives, scissors or any other tool to shape the chocolates.

If you are using moulds, place the transfer sheet at the bottom and make the chocolates upside down, so the name gets printed on the top instead of the bottom. You can place the sheets on the sides as well if you want the design on the edges.

Store chocolate transfer sheets in a dry and cool place. Never freeze or refrigerate them and keep away from direct sunlight.