8 Plants for Prosperity

Adding a touch of green to the home/room decor tends to turn the place instantly into a happy place. It adds a good, positive, and calming aura to the home. Somehow all the greens tend to keep all the troubles or evils away from the residence. A bunch of plants not just makes our home sweet home look appealing but has that therapeutic outlook. Of course, some would say that these plants that bring good luck are high maintenance. But it blesses the wealth, health, and love among many other such goodnesses. Some are said to act as natural purifiers, while others are said to bloom good luck flowers. Some are medicinal uses, while some make us feel happy with its glance. Talking about different kinds of blissful properties that these plants blesses us all with, we have to mention Fengshui plants' influence in our lives. These Fengshui plants help maintain the ecological balance and bring you a generous dose of fortune. Here’s a list of some of the best good luck plants to get home today.

 8 Lucky plants for home

1. Lucky Bamboo

As per Chinese tradition, lucky bamboo plants are called Fu Gwey Zhu, which literally means Fu– Luck and Fortune, Gwey – Power and Honour and Zhu– Bamboo. Many Asians have held this lucky bamboo plant is very high respect for it being a great symbol of good fortune.

Lucky Bamboo

2. Money Plant

When looking for some lucky plants for home, everyone’s go-to option is usually a money plant. Money plants are said to harmonise the human existence with the surroundings, other than being a great source of attracting good luck and money.

Money Plant

3. Pachira Money Tree

Pachira money tree is said to be recognised as the most prominent lucky plants for the home of all times. As per Fensghui norma, it is said to bring good luck and attract wealth. Legends of Central and South America claim that this plant was discovered by a Taiwan farmer who was looking for wealth. These trees are often braided together to attract good luck. It is also said that the leaves must have five or more fingers to be lucky.

Pachira Money Tree

4. Palms

Most commonly used as dividers due to its large size of the leaves, but most of us don’t know that this green beauty brings us luck too. Having a very tropical, breezy vibe, palms attract good energy and increase good Chi's inflow. They even act as great air-purifying plants.


5. Snake Plant

Known as mother-in-law’s tongue plant due to its quirky structure of the leaves, a Snake Plant when placed in the ideal position oozes out good luck, fortune and all the other kind of goodnesses, one can possibly think of. It has got a strong positive vibe etched to it, making it a great Fenshui plant. It is an excellent natural air purifier too.

Snake Plant

6. Jade Plant

The round, fleshy leaves of this Fengshui plant is said to be the reason for making this plant an eminent source of prosperity and success. It is a medium-sized plant that is said to be placed in the house entrance to attract some good luck and prosperity for the owner.

Jade Plant

7. Tulsi

Basil or tulsi plant are considered to be one of the holiest plants in India. There are many folklores and tales etched to the several varieties of this plant. Manjari, Lakshmi Tulsi, Krishna Tulasi, Ram Tulasi, Kapoor Tulsi, and Trittavu Tulsi are the different varieties of tulsi plants in India have been worshipping for ages now.


8. Peace Lily

From cleansing the toxins from the air to blessing its owner with a peaceful, calm environment, A Peace Lily Plant is considered a fortune plant. It does best in the shade and requires to be watered once a week for its beautiful white flowers to bloom.

Peace Lily

So what’s the wait for? Bring these lucky plants for home and welcome home much-needed wealth and fortune.

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