DIY Diwali Diyas to Enhance the Joy of Celebration

From being a small yet important part of Laxmi Pooja to upgrading the magnificence of Rangoli, the emblematic presence of Diyas enhances the Diwali experience.

We all are aware that Diwali can never be complete without diyas after all it is a festival of lights.

So diyas play a very important role in all the diwali ceremonies and it can’t be ignored at any cost. Here are some of the homemade diyas which you can craft on your own and decorate your home.

DIY Diwali Diyas

Paint them all

Nothing can beat the delight of purchasing diyas from the road side and painting them in gold, blue, pink, red, silver and all the more such pretty hues. Pick your preferred colored and let your creative stream turn the diyas into much more than just a thing made with clay.

Paint diwali diyas

Hang them for a change

You can go to your kitchen and look around. You will find some old metal cans for sure. Paint them in vibrant colours according to the Diwali theme and hand them on walls in patterns and keep your diyas on them, you have got yourself some hanging diyas.

Painted metal tins with diwali diyas hanged on the wall

DIY Glass Diyas

If you have small glasses, then you can make some glass diyas. All you need to do is take some small wax candles and place them inside the glass. To make it look prettier, you can always use your colouring skills.

DIY Glass Diyas

Bangle Diyas

For making these charming handmade decorative diyas, you need some bangles, cardboard, glue, artificial candles or maybe real ones and some beautiful colours (always). After collecting all the material, start stacking up the bangles one over the other on the circular piece of cardboard and glue them up. You can make a small cylinder from these or big ones, that up to you. And after that, place your candle at the bottom of the cylinder, a beautiful decorative diya is ready.

Diwali Diya made by bangle

DIY CD Diyas

If you still have some CDs of your favourite movies lying around, then you are all set for this Diwali. Take the matter of decoration into your hands and scoop those CDs out and DIY excessively stylish Diwali diyas.

DIY CD Diyas

DIY Winter Feel Diwali Diyas

Grab some sticks and some coloured wool. Tie the sticks up using wool in the shape of a hollow bonfire and keep the wax candle in the centre. Your winter-themed diyas are ready to add some charming looks to the Diwali Decoration.

DIY Winter Feel Diwali Diyas

Rangoli Diyas

Making rangolis on the occasion of Diwali is a tradition, why not turn that rangoli into something more beautiful by placing some diyas in a pattern. And that's all you have decorated your home with rangoli diyas.

Rangoli Diyas

These were some of the DIY diyas which you can try and give your home a great look on the occasion of Diwali. Happy Diwali!!!