Best Way to Surprise Your Brother With Amazing Gifts on Bhai Dooj

Having a brother means having lifetime support and unconditional love. He may be annoying at times, but he is the other half of the heart that no sister can deny. Sisters who have brothers as siblings know the blessing the almighty have blessed them with. Therefore, the Indian festival of Bhai Dooj is celebrated every year after Diwali, where sister's honour their brothers by performing pooja and giving gifts.

happy bhai dooj

Giving Bhai Dooj gifts to your brother on the festival is an excellent way to make him feel all your sisterly affection, love, care, and warmth. Choose gifts that are expressive and meaningful to do the talking on your behalf. We have done the work for you by carefully creating the list of amazing Bhai Dooj gifts. All you need to do is read the options carefully, find the ideal one for your brother, and send Bhai Dooj gifts to India or wherever he is residing.

Delicious Cake:

Bhai Dooj Cake

Starting the list with something sweet because it’s Bhai Dooj. Ambrosial treats are part of Indian festivities. If your brother has a taste for desserts and cakes, then you should let him have a taste of your sweet love by sending a box of a cake. Photo cakes, Bhai dooj poster cake, themed cake, cupcakes, jar cakes are some of the choices available to you.

Personalised Gifts:

Personalised Bhai Dooj Gifts

What’s one thing you miss the most about your brother? Maybe the remote fights with you or making a maggie for you at night. Well, it’s the beautiful moments with him that you adore deeply. Personalised gifts are one such tokens that give you the opportunity to memorialize the memories forever. You can turn any gift, say mug, cushion, lamp, photo frame, decor pieces, or anything else into a personalised gift by getting it designed with pictures and names. So, shop for a personalised surprise Gift for Brother on Bhai Dooj.

Potted Plants:

Potted Plants

If there is a gift that is as evergreen as the love you share with your brother, it is potted plants. Giving plants also symbolizes the virtues of health, longevity, prosperity and everything you wish for your brother/s. From air-purifying to Feng Shui to succulents to ornamentals; there are so many green options that you can give your brother.

Greeting Cards:

Greeting Cards

Brother and sister share everything--even the deepest of fears. But, when it comes to sharing feelings, sisters often find themselves at a loss of appropriate words. That’s the reason why greeting cards are gifted. Extend to your brother a Bhai Dooj themed greeting card that will echo even the unsaid words of yours loud in his ears and heart.


Combo Bhai Dooj Gifts

When in doubt, give combo gifts. Flowers and chocolates, dry fruits with chocolates, a plant with chocolate, travel accessories, grooming kit you can give anything to your brother on Bhai Dooj to make him smile his best. If he likes something else like gourmet edibles or is a lover of hard drinks, then a combo of engraved wine glasses or the gourmet hamper will also do the trick for him.

Gentleman Stuff:

Gentleman Stuff

A sleek tie, a pair of cufflinks, irresistible perfume, and a wallet all these make a man a gentleman. So, why not give your brother all these stuff so that he can slay the hearts with his good looks, charming persona, and chivalrous attitude.

Handmade Gifts:

Handmade Bhai Dooj Gifts

Handmade gifts always work their charm. If you are not born with creative fingers, you can easily avail it online. Photo albums, explosion boxes, scrapbooks and many such handmade gifts when gifted by you will make his heart dance with joy. We are hopeful you will find the perfect Bhai Dooj gift to surprise your brother. Do tell us what it is!