Celebrate Holi with Eco-friendly Gifts!

Holi is celebrated to symbolize the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun. It is that time of the year when every nook and corner of the country will be filled with a vibrant festival of colours. But this year, skip the traditional way of celebrating Holi - one with water balloons, squeakers and toxic colors that take a huge toll on the environment. Instead, celebrate the festival in an environmentally friendly manner. Here is a list of eco-friendly gifts that you can send your friends and family on Holi.

Celebrate Holi with Eco-friendly Gifts

Herbal color

It is observed that cheap, low-quality and bright colors are used more during Holi celebrations. Therefore, to play a safe and colourful Holi, it is advisable to use herbal colors which can be made at home or can also be purchased online from a reliable store. This year people can gift their loved ones herbal colors and celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly way.

Herbal color


Every celebration and occasion is incomplete without sweets, and so is Holi. There are special sweets for Holi which are called 'special Holi sweets' to celebrate the occasion of happiness. You can exchange sweets like Gujhiya, Malpua, Puran Poli and Laddu to share in the fun with friends and family. These sweets are traditional Holi sweets and go well with all festivals. You can shop for these sweets online from any reliable bakery.

Sweets Eco-friendly Gifts

The plants

As Holi is celebrated to mark good over evil, giving a plant as a Holi gift to your loved ones can also lead to a positive start to the season and to play environmentally friendly Holi. But do you know the best plant to send on holi? Is it the lucky bamboo plants? This plant is believed to bring good luck to whoever gets it.

The plants Eco-friendly Gifts

Colorful cake

Colorful cakes in various flavours can be sent as gifts on Holi. From designer cake to photo cake to poster cake, any kind of cake can be sent without any hassle or hassle. You can find a variety of occasion-specific cake flavours, sizes and shapes online and send them as a gift for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, etc.

Colorful cake Eco-friendly Gifts

Personal Care Kit

Choose a decorative box and fill it with some personal care online gift items such as a coconut hair oil bottle, a packet of sandalwood powder, a moisturizing cream, nail paint that can protect your fingers from stains, a facial cleanser, A suntan lotion, some fragrant tissue etc. All these products will definitely make Holi celebrations more easy and safe.

Personal Care Kit Eco-friendly Gifts

So, these were some eco-friendly gift ideas! Have a safe and herbal holi!