Know These Male and Female Parts of a Flower

“Flowers are the soul blossoming in nature.” However, the study of flowers is based on their anatomy and arrangement of parts. A flower has both vegetative and reproductive parts that have been discussed in the following paragraphs for your understanding and your child’s education.

Know These Male and Female Parts of a Flower

Vegetative Parts

The vegetative parts of the flowers consist of the following:

  • Petals: The soft and coloured part that attracts bees, butterflies, insects, and other pollinators. The varying colours, form, and size of the petals help distinguish one flower from another.
  • Sepals: Sepals are green in coloured located beneath the petals to protect the rising buds. Some flowers have fused petal-sepals while others have separated petals-sepals.
Vegetative Parts

Reproductive Parts

Stamen: The male part of the flower and is scientifically known as Androecium. It further consists of two parts: Anther and Filaments.
1. Anther: The anther is a yellowish, sac-like structure performing the functions of producing and storing pollen.
2. Filament: A slender thread-like structure that supports the anther.

Pistil: The female part of a flower and forms the innermost part of the flower. Ovary, stigma, and style together make the pistil.
1. Stigma: The topmost part of the flower.
2. Style: A long-tube that connects stigma and ovary.
3. Ovary: A ductless reproductive gland holding ovules. Seed formation takes place in the ovaries.

Reproductive Parts

In different types of flowers, petals, sepals, stamen, and pistils can vary. Some have only male parts, while others have only female parts. You may find varieties with both male and female parts of a flower. Roses, lilies, and dandelions have both male and female reproductive organs; hence known as complete or perfect flowers. Imperfect or incomplete flowers are either known as pistillate (female) having a functional pistil or staminate (male) having a functional stamen.

For physical identification of male and female parts of a flower, avail yourself of a beautiful flower bouquet of perfect flowers.

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