10 First Birthday Gift Ideas

We receive and give gifts so many times throughout life but our first gift comes on our first birthday. Now you are an adult, you may surely be invited to a first birthday party of a baby child. So, you surely need some birthday gift ideas to make it special for the parents and the baby.

10 First Birthday Gift Ideas

Baby Rocker

Give the baby the comfort as you gift a baby rocker. Make sure you the best one with a strong body base and soft fabric according to the baby skin. It will be the baby’s new vehicle!!

Baby Rocker For First Birthday Gift

Turtle Ball Pit

How about gifting a personal ball pit to the baby on his/her first birthday? Do make sure to get it filled with softballs of a different colour. It will keep the baby protected from germs in the garden or on the floor.

Turtle Ball Pit For First Birthday Gift

Personalised Wood Name Puzzle

Well, we know that baby isn’t going to solve it. But, it surely makes for one of the best first birthday gift ideas. Do make sure that the edges of the letters are not sharp and the whole product has a soft feel.

Personalised Wood Name Puzzle For First Birthday Gift

New Clothes

One of the most common birthday gift ideas for a baby’s first birthday is a set of new clothes. The design and style of the clothes depending on the gender of the baby child. When you gift something, you should not compromise with the quality.

New Clothes For First Birthday Gift

Soft Feely Box

Another toy item that you can choose to gift a baby on his/her first birthday is this colourful soft feely box. There are items like a little stuffed ladybug, an airplane, a ball, and more inside the box.

Soft Feely Box For First Birthday Gift

First Birthday Cake

As soon as you get an invitation from the parents of the birthday baby, you should tell them the cake is on you. Get a very special and very beautiful cake baked on custom order and be there at the party on time.

First Birthday Cake

The Tent House

The baby would love to play in a tent house. Well, most of the tent houses are for a bit older babies but you gift one to a baby on his/her first birthday. Try to get the smallest size and yes, do not compromise on quality.

The Tent House  For First Birthday Gift

Water Play Pool

As the summers are approaching, picking a water play pool for babies is surely one of the best birthday gift ideas. And we bet that the parents will also love your thoughtfulness and your choice of gift.

Water Play Pool  For First Birthday Gift

Soft Toys

Soft toys are surely a perfect fit for babies. A baby child can hurt himself/herself while playing with toys and so soft toys are good for them as they won’t hurt. But as it’s baby’s first birthday, gift a basket full of soft toys.

Soft Toys  For First Birthday Gift

Baby Bed Protector Sheet

Well, this might be a gift for the parents and not for the baby! But this one still makes it to the list of first birthday gift ideas. You can order it online or you can buy it from a shop that deals in baby products.

Baby Bed Protector Sheet  For First Birthday Gift

A birthday gift is a must to attend a birthday party!