September is Blooming with Festivities

The world is a beautiful place to live in and to celebrate every bit of it, with love and care. Apart from celebrating our festivals with all graceful decorations, delectable sweets, and endless memories, it is time we look at some of the other interesting celebration days. Come, celebrate with these following days that would come in September and that you should celebrate with a cake.

celebrations with the cake

Though September can be seen as a month of blooming with festivities. To begin with, today we would explore some other National and International days celebrated-

1. National Grandparents Day

This day is celebrated on September 8th, around the USA. As the name suggests, this day is celebrated to celebrate the bond, importance, and love for our grandparents. Treat the oldies with an eggless chocolate celebration cake to make the celebrations bigger. Help your granny and grandpa celebrate those childhood memories that they could not celebrate then.

grandparents day

2. Engineer's Day

This day is celebrated on September 15th, in India. We all can never deny the impacts of work done by an engineer. Engineer and the work done by them is impeccable and can not be replaced by any machine as machines are man-made. Appreciate such an engineer with a party including with chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry flavour cake , etc, that involves objects from his profession may be.

engineer's day

3. International Day of Peace

This peaceful day is celebrated on September 21st every year, especially in the USA region. This day got its recognition to keep Peace above all differences in our society, religion or anything else. Take a step further to celebrate this day with peace and some sweetness sprinkled with a lovely autumn moon cake.

international day of peace

4. Daughter's Day

This day is celebrated on September 22nd, every year in India. Nothing can be better than the feeling of being a mother and that too of a girl child is something more precious. Celebrate this day and make your daughter a happy and proud soul as she is blessed to have parents like you. Choose a photo cake in any flavor your girl likes or maybe go for a universal vanilla flavor and sit back, free.

daughter's day

5. World Tourism Day

September 27th is the day when people across nations celebrate the zeal of traveling. This day precisely aims and focuses on the development of the tourism sector and tourist needs and facilities. This day could be celebrated as the Mid-Autumn Festival. Choose one of the best designs and get it delivered anywhere in India.

world tourism day

6. World Heart Day

This day is celebrated every year on September 29th. The purpose of the celebration of this day is basically to spread awareness about various heart diseases and getting healthier. Celebrate this day with your office mates maybe with a vegan cake, promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle for a better heart.

world heart day

All the days mentioned above are more of a corporate celebration. All these days are celebrated to denote certain promotion to that cause or issue of the society. Celebrating these days and many more such days helps us understand the reason behind the birth of that particular day. Also, all these days help humans to be a better species to rely on and to make it worth living. FlowerAura is one such online gifting portal that not just offers your best celebration cakes for all these occasions but also has a great range of gifts for every such occasion. Come, join FlowerAura in their journey of Celebrate Everyday and spread happiness and health with our delectable range of cakes and gorgeous gifts.