Ways To Spend Quality Time With Grandparents

Dear Grandparents, you are missed dearly!

For years, Indian culture has manifested the tradition of the joint family system with grandparents and grandchildren staying close together. The beauty of grandparent & grandchildren relationship is that they benefit from their wisdom and experience. And, feel their warmth and unconditional love.

Then, modernization happened! With sadness, the present-day lifestyle is characterized by nuclear family setting. Even in an extended family scenario, estrangement has occurred because of digitalization, changing values, and more. Hence, gleeful family interactions are becoming a rare sight. The good old days are slowly passing by. Sigh!

Happy Grandparents Day

However, it’s not all over yet. You can still re-live the fondest memories of you visiting them during your summer vacations, they bless you with shagan or goodies, their endless advice, grandma’s delicious delicacies, the storytelling rituals, and a lot more which could not be expressed in words.

While most of you are still lucky to have their grandparents around, and you get to see their loving faces smiling at you. Make the most of this opportunity before it gets too late to regret. This grandparent’s day, give them a sweet surprise by spending time with them, make them feel loved and find some thoughtful gifts for grandparents such as god idols, personalized mugs, photo frame, night lamp, etc.that will make them smile wide. Treat them with care, and let them know that they are not forgotten. They were, is, and will always live in your heart forever.

This is how you can make their day:

1. Hear Them Out:

Distance has never been a barrier for people who wish to realize their destiny. If your grandparents are not living with you, and you are unable to meet them in person, then arrange for a meeting over a call. Call them to know how they are and how their day went so far. Exchange stories. And, if you have tech-savvy grandparents, go for face-timing or video call, that’s far much better. Trust us they would be moved by this gesture of yours. Also, amidst the sweet talks, do not forget to wish them “Happy Grandparent’s day.”

2. Hang Out With Them:

When was the last time you and your grandparents sat together for quality time? Well, it’s hard for you to remember because maybe it has been months or years. Don’t worry, grandparent’s day is here so that you can come up with an idea. Plan a small getaway to their favorite place, or go for dining out with them, or simply take a visit to a park or market. But, have dedicated time together. It’s much needed!!

3. Bond Over Cooking:

We have to admit it, grandma’s hands have magic. Any delicacy cooked by her taste finger-licking good giving the Masterchef a run for their money. Why not make aromatic memories? Ask her to assist you in preparing a dish that has been your best-loved since childhood. This is one of the best ways in which you can bond with her and also can learn the art of cooking scrumptious food.

4. Share Memorable Stories:

Remember your childhood days when you used to doze off listening to their stories and tales? Who could forget those comforting days? Grandparents are indeed the best storytellers. From raja-rani ki kahani to their life adventures, they love to share it all. So, sit with them and take a walk down the memory lane. To make the activity interesting, design a memory box filled with pictures, one-liners, and ask them to share a story related to it. It’s going to be one excitingly memorable grandparents day.

5. Connect With Games:

Playing games indoor is one great way to build a connection with them or to spend quality time with them. Pick vintage games like snakes and ladders, carom, cards or maybe new-age board games like monopoly, crossword, etc. and share the joy of playing with each other.

6. Dance to Melody:

Play in the beautiful compositions from their era and shake a leg with them. In this way, you give them a chance to travel back in time when they were young, and also yourself an opportunity to live their golden period.

Love and cherish them while they are around. The times won’t come back.

Happy Grandparent’s Day, Grandpa & Grandma!