23 Client Gifts that Keep Your Company Top of Mind All Year

Good relationships with the client, transparency in business dealings, shared goals surely guarantee retention of clients for a long time. Besides these, there is one more factor that is critical to keeping clients happy all the time: gifts. Do not limit gifts to the festive season; instead, send corporate gifts for clients throughout the year.

 Client Gifts that Keep Your Company Top of Mind

Appreciate the client and show them you care about your relationship all around the year by way of gifts. Here are not 1 but 23 gift ideas for your clients.

You can buy corporate gifts online, especially the ones we have listed below.

1. Succulents or Terrariums:

Succulents or Terrariums are hardy plants that are ideal for the office environment. Potted succulents or Terrariums in glass vases can be gifted to bring nature into the office’s vicinity.

2. Personalised Desk Organizers:

It will be unique because it has been personalised. A desk organiser will keep papers, visiting cards, stationery at one place, handy and organised. It comes embedded with a clock.

3. Personalised Coffee Mug and Coasters:

Office hours would be sleepy without a cup of coffee. A set of personalised coffee mug and coasters to keep laziness at bay.

4. A nice calendar for the office desk:

You can customise the calendar with the client’s company’s name and logo or a quote on each page.

5. Custom Water Bottles:

There is nothing more valuable than a water bottle. An insulated water bottle or a fruit infuser water bottle would be a great idea. Customise it to make it even more extraordinary.

6. Gourmet Gift Baskets:

We all love gourmet delicacies. Receiving it as a gift is a pleasure. A basket weighed down with sausages, juices, cheese, chocolates and edibles. Just take into account the client’s preferences vegan or allergies like gluten intolerance.

7. Power Bank:

Life would come to a halt without a smartphone. For a smartphone to work, a battery is needed. Power banks guarantee a long supply of battery even on the go.

8. Headphones:

Working all day would be dull, music will be a great company. Bluetooth powered headphones will do the trick and keep hands-free.

9. Kindle:

One of the gift ideas for VIP client who like to read. Kindle will be a good time pass for your client.

10. Tea or Coffee Blends:

If your client loves to break a deal over a cup of coffee or tea, you know a box of tea or coffee blends in different flavour is the best gift of all. If you know the taste, customise as per the need.

11. Toiletry Pouches:

Toiletry pouch can be used for multi-purposes. It can become a stationery pouch, makeup pouch, or for storing anything.

12. Custom Journal with Pen:

A professional is always seen carrying a diary with a pen. A set of custom journal and pen will be much appreciated as a gift.

13. Gift Cards:

Gift cards are a saviour when you are in doubt of what to gift. A gift card of any reputable brand should be your choice for your client.

14. Beer Flask and Glasses:

A classy gift for a client who likes liquor. A beer flask is handy while travelling.

15. Custom T-shirts:

T-shirts are comfortable to wear. T-shirts look stylish too. Custom t-shirts are something different from the regular, hence the ideal choice.

16. Blankets:

A cosy blanket is a gift option that never fails to bring a smile on the faces because of its utility purposes.

17. Barkbox:

If your client has a pet, don’t you think something for the pet will be liked much by the client. You can choose a subscription to deliver goodies right at the doorstep.

18. God Idols:

A noble gift. Everyone needs blessings to succeed in the business world.

19. Bakery Products:

A lip-smacking gift every client will love. It will be a finger-licking good experience.

20. Bluetooth Speakers:

Bluetooth Speakers for sound quality and easy-on-the go music enjoyment when working or traveling.

21. Travel Accessories:

Clients often travel for work. Travel accessories will be useful for them and your thoughtfulness will be acknowledged.

22. Activity Tracker:

Activity trackers like Fitbit for keeping track of health. Trending and useful so why not!

23. Combo Pack:

A combo pack of all the tokens that you think is worthy of gifting to the client.

Stay always on your client’s mind. Keep your business relationships fostering by exchanging corporate gifts. Shop and send corporate gifts Gurgaon, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and pan India from an online gifting portal.