Cute Rakhi Messages by our Customers

I remember, as kids, all my brothers used to line up and I, dressed in my favourite Lehenga Choli flaunting my bangles would tie Rakhi on their wrists. My mother used to chant a prayer urging me to repeat as I put the tikka on their foreheads and blessed them for long life. The whole idea of Rakhi was ever so fascinating! It was only years after did I truly realise the value of Raksha Bandhan.

As we all matured together, each Rakhsha Bandhan became more overwhelming. I’d choke a little while giving them my blessings and they would shower me with their love in the form of gifts and money (still a bonus!)

Now that I work at FlowerAura, while going through the Rakhi messages, I once again became that excited kid who would wait for Rakhi all year long so that I can chant Raksha Bandhan emotional messages to my brothers. Owing to the practicalities and the drive for a better living, most families do not get the opportunity to celebrate occasions together anymore. I am glad to be a part of an organisation that allows people to connect and send their love and blessings to each other on this beautiful festival.

We would be pleased to share some cute rakhi messages that the siblings sent to each other on Raksha Bandhan.

Messages for Brothers

Sisters, the most expressive beings when it comes to showering love on their brothers. They surely took my heart away with their words strung beautifully in rakhi emotional messages.

Messages for Sisters

When it came to brothers, I thought they weren’t expressive, but I was stumped to see their emotions flowing through their words as I kept reading every rakhi message that brothers sent to their sisters.

So, here were some funny, some emotional Rakhi messages which I believe made you go “Awwww”