Did You Know That Even Flowers Care for You?

- Amazing Uses of Flowers!

Flowers do much more than just looking good in our homes or increasing the beauty of our humble aboard. Fascinating? Indeed.

Over the centuries, medical practitioners have acknowledged the therapeutic uses of flowers and herbs, which have helped to serve the medical purposes. For instance, Flowers help in chasing away anxieties, headaches, and also in refreshing up the mood.

 Flowers care for you, Flowers and their health benefits

Different flowers have different health benefits stored in them! Let’s see what our floral chemists have in store for us!

1. Jasmine

Jasmine flowers uses and health benefits

Apart from having a lovely and breath taking fragrance, this exotic flower helps in healing stomach ulcer and digestive problems. Sipping brew spiked with Jasmine essence helps in curing insomnia and body aches as well.

2. Lily

Lily flowers uses and health benefits

In the ancient times, these flowers were used by the Greeks for the treatment of heart related ailments and dropsy and were also used by soldiers to recover from poisonous gases used in the world war era. The Lilac paste helps in reducing fever and getting rid of intestinal parasites as well.

3. Roses

Rose flowers uses and health benefits

Roses, being a rich source of vitamin C, help in increasing the circulation of blood. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in relieving joint pain. The rose paste is also good for improving the condition of the skin.

4. Carnation

Carnation flowers uses and health benefits

Carnation petals act as the perfect brew partner for tea, which help in decreasing the anxiety, stress and fatigue levels. The carnation petal paste also helps in treating skin related ailments like itches and swelling.

5. Orchids

Uses of Orchid flowers and its health benefits

Orchids have medicinal qualities, which can help in improving eyesight and strengthening the immune system. Orchids also act as a cure to sore throat, diarrhea and gum related problems.

6. Lavender

Uses of Lavender flowers and its health benefits

The lavender petals which help in creating lavender oil have the ability to do away with nervous tension and pain related problems. Lavender skin tonics help in eliminating acne and other skin related ailments!

6. Foxglove

Uses of Foxglove flowers and its health benefits

This is one of the wide-ranging constituent of herbal medicines which provide the solutions to cardiovascular related problems and is even used by the doctors and heart surgeons to aid cardiac problems.

Alluring beauty and its rich essence, the Earth undeniably is filled with Exotic Surprises!