7 Tips For That Awesome First Date

Let’s get this straight - Most singles are looking for romance and a happy relationship, which means - they are ready to say ‘yes’ for a date when asked in the right manner, at the right time, and under the right circumstances.

So, basically asking someone out on a date need not be nerve-wracking. The simple truth is that most single people will never think less of you for making an effort to approach them. But the real fight is to leave a lasting impression. Well, in other words, just a proper first lesson teaching and you are ready!

An awesome First date near the beech side

Therefore, we are here with some tips to make your first date the most amazing one!

1. First and foremost, know yourself first and be clear of your desires.

Justin Bieber knows that he loves her : An essential of first date

When asking someone out on a date, understand what you actually want from them – friendship or commitment. Take your time. Never Rush!

2. Be who you are, never "present" who you are.

A girl expressing herself what exactly she is about meanwhile a date

Let them understand the ‘real you’ than you being over elaborative about own self. Give them small hints but never solve the mysteries for them.

3. Give Time Some Time. Ease Up a Little!

Patience - A Key attribution of one on the first or any date

Taking someone out for a date is not like ‘cracking a business deal’ which needs to be signed right away. So, ease up and wait for the answer.

4. Do some Research and prepare a little.

A girl not sure of what to be done & given on first date

Understand their meaningful character traits, the way they perceive life and other related things. Someone rightly said, precaution is better than cure!

5. Follow the Eternal Tradition – Flowers & Chocolates

A boy desperately proposing for a date to a girl

Nothing can beat this ever. History speaks of it, flowers and chocolates have always worked wonders especially on women. And always will.

6. If Romance is the Main Course, Intelligence is the Dessert

 Robert Downey jr. Asking for any other questions if any

What?? Well yes, believe it or not, intelligence drives people crazy. No one is asking you to be Einstein or Newton here, but being aware of the latest updates is pretty cool.

7. Keep your ears open. Listen to them carefully.

A girl listening to other very carefully, while other is talking meanwhile a date

Because that’s what is going to fetch you, all that you had been waiting for. This means don't just engage them on a superficial level; truly listen to what they have to say.

And lastly, just have fun, enjoy, discover and reveal! Because you never know when love hits you in the face and shakes you to the core within!

Best Of Luck. Make your first impression as your best impression!