7 Types of Teachers We All Had During Our Time

Haven't we all had those different types of teachers some of whom we simply adored and some we were afraid of?

Types Of teachers we all came across

1. The House Mistress:

Be it dance, singing, sports day or debate practices you name it, and she’s there, getting things done- just to see her house on top! All thanks to her for the free periods we got back in school and college.

A House mistress teacher full swing of her own

2. The All-time Story Teller:

They were a real bonanza! It was easy to get them sidetracked into an off topic conversation in the middle of the class. Pheww .. What a relief!

Shahrukh Khan in Mohabbatein - A perfect Story telling teacher

3. Mr. Funny Bones:

The light headed sarcastic teachers who try to crack a joke every now and then just to make boring lectures more interesting. We never wanted to miss out their lectures. They made learning fun!

 A funny teacher trying to joke for one more time

4. The Guardian Angel:

We all have had that one teacher who is the compassionate soul, that one very special teacher who gets through even the most stubborn kids; we have a special corner for them!

 Aamir Khan in Taare Zameen Par  - A Guardian Angel teacher

5. The Over-timers:

These teachers are usually the arch nemesis of students! They just can’t see you relaxing. Taking extra-classes and stretching the class hours, yeah that is their thing.

 Boman Irani in 3 Idiots - A perfect example of a Over Timer Teache

6. The disciplinarian:

Maintain the decorum of my class”. You definitely couldn’t afford to kid around them as they took their work quite over seriously.

Amitabh Bachan in Mohabbatein - A perfect example of a disciplinarian teacher

7. The Biased One:

Well, the teachers that picked their favorites in class. The selected students felt like the chosen ones (Who cares!) and why not it was as if they had a God Mother looking after them!

A biased teacher who never use to listen anyone

But don’t we miss them all? Indeed we do.

So, tell us which one is your favorite kind of teacher in the comments section below.