Ultimate Guide to Condolences Flowers To Express Gratitude And Sympathy

Life is full of ups and downs. And to share from the greatest joy of the world to the deepest condolences, condolence flowers are much-needed to express our feelings. The symbolism and connotation of different flowers to say sorry are different from the happy flowers, that are needed across various special occasions and festivals.

express gratitude and sympathy with flowers

The heavenly demise of someone loved is one of those situations where we have to show proper support to someone experiencing such a trauma. This can be easily done by choosing some sorry flowers. As funerals are something very unfortunate, make sure to choose the right bouquet of apology flowers to send your empathies to the family of the deceased. Not just for being sorry for someone else’s loss, but also to apologize to your loved ones, these sorry flowers are perfect.

Here is your ultimate sorry flower guide so that, the next time you have messed up with your favourite person, you can put apology flowers for girlfriend, boyfriend or other special persons’ to convey your heartfelt condolences to them.

1. Carnations

Every different colour of carnations symbolise different kinds of feelings for the recipient. While red carnations signify love and admiration, white carnations signify innocence. According to the hues of the carnations and the personality of the deceased, one can see how carnations make the most suitable flowers for funeral ceremonies.

say sorry with carnations

2. Chrysanthemums

These beautiful blooms make the perfect sorry bouquet to convey feelings of mourning and grief, across various Asain countries. While in Europe, these flowers are said to be associated with death.

say sorry with chrysanthemums

3. Lilies

Perfect to be passed on to the demised loved one, Lilies are one of the best flowers for funeral services. Historically, Virgin Mary’s tomb was said to have been covered with Lilies, symbolising that their soul to be resting in peaceful sleep and of returning to innocence.

say sorry with lilies

4. Roses

A sorry rose can give a touchy, sentimental feel to the funeral, basically due to its presence in a beautiful variety of hues and aromatic natural scents. Signifying true love and emotions, roses are perfect to convey your apologies to your loved ones, as well.

say sorry with roses

5. Gladioli

Representing remembrance and integrity, Gladioli are very appropriate flowers for funeral services of someone who was known to be standing up for justice. You can never go wrong while paying homage to some honourable lawmaker, freedom fighter or someone who was known for his/her civic duties.

say sorry with gladioli

6. Daffodils

A flower that cheers you up by initiating to celebrate the life and not the death of the deceased, is what makes Daffodil different from other sorry flowers. Its thoughtful significance is what makes it a fitting flower for a funeral.

say sorry with daffodils

7. Orchids

If your female loved one has recently heavenly aboded, then orchids are the perfect flowers, celebrating proud femininity and thoughtfulness. To suit the funeral services, choose a bouquet of pink and white hued orchids.

say sorry with orchids

So, these were a few flowers to put across someone, who has left us recently, gifting us with some good memories. Choose these flowers to convey your feelings or the longingness of that person. Because when words fall short, sorry or condolence flowers help!