Leave a Lasting Impression With Exotic Flowers

When words fail to impress, let flowers do the trick. There is something uniquely special about flowers that touch the soul of a person, like none other. Maybe it's the pretty hues in which they bloom that captivates the vision. It can be a distinct form that makes them enchanting to look at. Or they are flowers; the name is enough.

leave a lasting impression with exotic flowers

In nature, flowers bloom in the bounty. However, it’s the rose that seems to rule the heart and mind of people. Without any qualms, a rose flower bouquet in shades of scarlet red, blush pink, sunshine yellow, ivory white looks nothing but pulchritudinous and classy.

There are beautiful exotic flowers that promise to take someone’s breath with their sheer exoticness.

1. Orchids

The mirror-image symmetry with differentiated lips and colors of royal blue, purple make orchids exotic flowering plants. Purple orchids are a symbol of royalty and admiration. Extend a bouquet of orchids to pay someone your respect, to convey admiration, and to impress them.

a bouquet of orchids

2. Lilies

The trumpet-shaped lilies need no introduction. It’s the exotic lilies that are a rare sight to behold. Calla Lily and the lily of the valley are exotic species. Calla lily flower is a large flaring trumpet-shaped flower and surrounds a spadix whereas lily of the valley is a flowering plant that produces white and scented bell-shaped flowers. Both are a symbol of purity because of the white colour, innocence, rebirth, humbleness, and happiness. If you want to excite someone with pure bliss, choose exotic lily flowers.

trumpet-shaped lilies

3. Hibiscus

Blooming with five-lobed petals and a stalked centre in vivid colours, hibiscus is synonymous with beauty, glory, and feminine. Exotic hibiscus manifest in double shades that look beautiful beyond words. For creating a lasting impression on any given day, impress the lady of your life with nothing but the unimaginably graceful hibiscus.

graceful hibiscus

4. Bird of Paradise

If there is a flower that defines exoticness to its best, then it is the bird of paradise flower. This flower mirrors the shape of a tropical bird in a flight; hence it is known as Bird of Paradise. Living upto its name, this flower is a harbinger of joy, paradise, freedom, optimism. And, it powerfully symbolizes successful completion of 9 years of marriage. Impress your better half by gifting a bunch of Bird of Paradise on your 9th anniversary over those endemic flower choices.

bird of paradise

5. Tulips

Not only food, flowers too can be aphrodisiacs! Flowering in bulbs with long stems and leaves in bluish-green colour--tulips are a symbol of perfect love. However, different tint of tulips means different meanings. Pink tulip is for affection, yellow for cheerfulness. For impressing a soul that loves all things unique, tulips are an excellent choice.

different tint of tulips

Well, if you know someone who is an admirer of roses, we would suggest impressing that person with exotic roses in rainbow colours or bi-colours.

For the ones sensitive to classic choice, exotic flowers are for them.

Impress beyond words with the help of different types of exotic flowers.