20 Father’s Day Quotes from Daughter

For a daughter, her father is her world. She cannot think of a moment without him. She needs him by her side all the time. When she grows up, she wants to marry a man just like her father. A father-daughter relationship is hard to describe in words. It is the world’s most loving and adoring relationship. No one can love a girl as a father does and vice versa.

Father’s Day Quotes from Daughter

Father’s Day is celebrated on June 20 to honour fatherhood, parental bonds, and fathers' role in society. Not every daughter may be born with creative genes, but every daughter surely harbours these emotions in her heart. A few Fathers Day quotes from daughter that you can pin down in a greeting card or write down in a message card when you send online gifts to your dad.

1. “The greatest blessing I have received from God is your dad.” Happy Father’s Day!
2. “The reason why daughters love dads so much is that there is one man who will never hurt her.” Happy Father’s Day!
3. “Someone asked me if I had seen God. I replied Yes, My DAD.” Happy Father’s Day!
4. “A father means so many things. Support and unconditional love from the start.” Happy Father’s Day!
5. “ A home isn’t a home without you.” Happy Father’s Day!
6. “You held my finger and taught me to walk. I shall always hold your hand, forever.” Happy Father’s Day!
7. “You are my first and forever love.” Happy Father’s Day!
8. “ I am a princess not because I have a prince but because my father is a king.” Happy Father’s Day!
9. “Dad’s fears and tears are unseen. You are my greatest hero.” Happy Father’s Day!
10. “Behind every great daughter, there is a supporting father.” Happy Father’s Day!
11. “ I love you more than I could ever say to you.” Happy Father’s Day!
12. “Not all superheroes wear capes, some are called dad.” Happy Father’s Day!
13. “The laugh of a father is the favourite symphony of a daughter.” Happy Father’s Day!
14. “ I may have outgrown you, but I’ll always look up to you no matter what.” Happy Father’s Day!
15. “I am and will always be your little princess.” Happy Father’s Day!
16. “You are the king of our castle.” Happy Father’s Day!
17. “I have a hero, I call him Papa.” Happy Father’s Day!
18. “ Dad, you have been coolest like all those times mom said no, you said yes.” Happy Father’s Day!
19. “Dear Daddy, no matter where I am and whom I meet, you will always be my No.1 Man.” Happy Father’s Day !
20. “No fancy words, just I love you and pray for your long life.” Happy Father’s Day!

Pen down these fathers day wishes from daughter in a greeting card or a piece of paper. Along with a greeting card, send gifts to your dad online such as ganpati murti online, personalised token, and make Father’s Day as awesome as he is.