Flower Remedies–Nature’s Way of Healing Us

Not many would have given it a thought that these nature’s bounties do a lot more than being sweet and summery, fragrant and festive. Apart from spreading their beautiful fragrance, they have a miraculous remedying power too. There are ultimate uses of flowers that provide us with incredible flower remedies. All that needs to be done is to be open to the process of healing.

a girl feeling happy and refreshed with Red Rose Petals

The first to discover the hidden uses of flowers was Dr. Edward Bach, a successful English physician. Dr. Bach discovered the healing energies of these beautiful creations in 1930. His remedies – the world famous Bach’s remedies – are popular even today. It’s time to learn about the amazing uses of flowers that help us realize that even flowers care for us and to know what they selflessly do for us in our trying times.

1. Flowers Spread Positive Vibes

There are tons of house plants like False Shamrock, Rose of China, Flaming Sword, Arrowhead, Areca Palm and many more that not only fill beautifully the corner of our homes but also spread a positive vibe around. It is also scientifically proven that homes which have indoor plants tend to have a better energy than the others. Besides, patients facing the garden view recover faster than the ones shut around walls.

Arrowhead Flowers Spread Positive Vibe Around

2. The Therapeutic Benefits of Flowers

For instance, hibiscus prevents acne and premature ageing, drumstick flower essence cures smoking and inner conflicts; curry leaf flower essence is known for treating ulcers and hyperacidity; water lily essence helps to drive away sexual inhibitions while fresh lotus puree are known as ideal for facials

Water Lily with Therapeutic Benefits

3. Rejuvenating Effect of Flowers

Well known to re-energise the body and refresh our brain, flowers help in better ideation, curing mood swings and improving our mental health. Studies have shown that people who receive flowers or keep plants at their homes and work place demonstrate a higher level of enjoyment, fulfilment and happiness

Refreshing Rose Helps in Re-energising the Body & Refresh Our Brain

4. Flowers are the Natural Humidifiers

Plants and flowers act as natural humidifiers. There’s no need to fetch a humidifier machine. It can cause allergies and might dispense bacteria spores into the air which further requires regular cleaning and sanitization at homes. With flowers, one just needs to bring a fresh bunch or two. A house plant, Boston Fern is known as one of the best humidifiers. What can be more beautiful than a couple of blushing beauties on the window sill on a snowy day?

Boston Fern Plant - One of the Best Natural Humidifier

5. Flowers Can Beat Insomnia

One of the incontestable flower therapies is the cure to insomnia. Gerbera daisies make our night break better and more comforting. They give off oxygen at night. A potful of these colourful Gerbera can make your sleep peaceful and treat insomnia.

Pink Gerbera Daisy - Can Make Your Sleep Peaceful & Treat Insomnia

Once we plant a tree and see it grow, see it bloom, we develop a sense of self worth. We care for it, water it, put fertilisers and provide love and care. To see it grow gives us a sense of self achievement. To realize how the little thing developed into something so mesmerising with our love and support gives us a sense of contentment.

With these tips and even more that could hardly be covered, one should definitely feel enlightened about flower remedies, flower therapy and other important uses of flowers.