Friends Forever Moments - Kyunki Har Ek Friend Zaruri Hota Hai!

Friendship is not about a Big Thing but a Million Little Things! From being a friend in need to your Partner in every Crime, they never miss a chance. They give a ‘hatke’ definition to life. Probably that is why they are called ‘Lifelines’!

1. The Twin Soul

The one you just can’t do without! You Hate the Same Person, love the same song and have the same dance moves! Yeah Broda!

A Twin soul friends Minion - One who resembles you

2. The Pravachan Baba

Their philosophy never ends! That friend who simply knows about everything in this world in fact the entire Universe.

A philosophical friend minion - One who has answer for everything

3. Your Kind of Crazy

“I can hear the voices in my head again.” They have the same wild fantasies as you do.

A crazy friend Minion and its level of craziness

4. Loyal Best Friend

If you fall, they will always pick you up, after they have finished laughing. And Yes! They never let you do the wrong things alone!

A loyal friend minion - The one who is always there

5. The Hysterical Kind

“I am funny, right?“ No matter how bad a day has passed, they manage to cheer you up! In fact, their laugh is funnier than their jokes.

Minion representing a hysterical friend and its uncontrolled emotions

6. Brutally Honest

“Enough. Stop with all that break-up- and-get- back-together drama. You deserve better.” Yeah, you know what I mean.

Minion representing a brutally honest friend and its all time straight forward comments

7. Sobbing Party

Those Sentimental Lines they use, to get their work done! And you don’t know how to react…whaaat????

Minion representing a sobbing friend and his / her Sentimental Lines

8. Party Maniac

That one friend who is always up for party. “Your Neighbour’s Uncle got a Car. Party toh Banti Hai”.

Minion representing a hardcore party lover friend

9. Selfie Obsessed

“But first let me take a selfie” The one who just can’t do without a Selfie. The one who wants to Snapchat everything!

Minion representing a selfie obsessed friend and his / her facial impressions

The language of Friendship is not the words but their meaning. So, appreciate the crazy little gestures of friendship done by your craziest of friends, kyunki #YaaroKiYaari….phir kahe ki Duniyadari …. Cheers!!