Convey Your Birthday Wishes Over These Gift Ideas For Her 21st Birthday

“Here’s your first years of entering the 20s squad! Cheers! Make sure to enjoy a great amount of freedom and plenty of responsibility. Take risks, live your life the fullest, seize every moment to have fun and live smart.”

You might be great at gifting words of wisdom to your 21-year-old young lady, but what about pampering her over some birthday gifts? Not that good? Then, don’t worry! We have handpicked a few of some kickass gift ideas for her 21st birthday. These unique 21st birthday gifts for her is sure to bring a sweet smile on your darling 21 years old lady. So, take leads and start shopping if you are clueless about what to gift your daughter, friend, granddaughter, girlfriend and other such special relations, she plays! Here we are with 21st birthday gift ideas. Let’s get started with the list of top 10 birthday gifts for her.

Gift ideas for her 21st birthday

Semi-Precious Contemporary Jewellery

If you are looking for some stunning 21st birthday gifts for daughter, then let us tell you that this is it! A semi-precious contemporary jewellery piece, which she can pair up with both Indian as well as Western outfits seems to be a great gift. Also, something like this can be perfect for her as she can wear it daily and thereby keep you - the recipient close to her heart always.

Semi-precious contemporary jewellery

A Quirky Text Tee

Help her flaunt her cool style statement as she adorns a comfy, uber-cool t-shirt having some quirky quotations printed on it. Everyone loves to be complimented how cool they are. And what’s better than an occasion like a birthday? So, when you gift something like this as 21st birthday gifts for her, she will love to flaunt what you complimented her over a comfy, quirky text tee.

Quirky text tee

Tote Bag

She is 21 years old. She is hitting her college and coaching centres, probably every single day to catch up on her studies and classes. So, nothing seems like a much better idea than a tote bag. It has got a style quotient attached to it, other than its utility approach. Hence, makes a great birthday gift for every 21 years old lady.

Tote Bag for her 21st birthday

Personalised Coffee Mug

If she loves waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and her day can’t start without a cup of coffee, then a personalised coffee mug makes a very personal yet an essential gift for her. Get a birthday-themed mug which has got her name printed over it. She will be pleased to receive something like her personal coffee mug to mark her 21st birthday.

Personalised Coffee Mug

Cuddly Cushion

If she has got that creative side and likes to renovate her place, every now and then to make it seem better than before, then this is it. A comfy, cuddly cushion (probably birthday-themed) will do justice to your act of generous yet thoughtful gifting. You can even gift her quirky emoji cushions or even photo cushions which are sure to make her feel absolutely loved.

Cuddly Cushion for her 21st birthday


Not only to cover her head from direct scorching sunlight but also to accessorise herself to notch up her style statement, a scarf of some soft, breathable material seems like a great birthday gift for a 21 yr old girl. All you have to do is figure out which all colours or patterns like polka dots, stripes, etc. she would like to adorn and then you are good to go!



Every girl has got a nurturer side of her. If she is caring and kind-hearted who loves to spend some time being close to nature, then convey your love and lovely wishes over a healthy yet blissful plant. Every plant symbolises some innate quality, you can look for one or all such qualities you would like to bless her with. To make it more like a birthday gift, you can look for some birthday-themed pot to grace her special 21st birthday.

Plant for her 21st birthday

Teddy Bear And Soft toys

No matter, how old she grows, a relationship that exists between a girl and a teddy bear is irreplaceable and eternal. So, hit your nearest gift store and search for a cute cuddly teddy bear, unicorn or Minion soft toy. She will be absolutely delighted to hug it off to her sleep.

Teddy bear and soft toys


21 is high time that she understands the value and power of time! Hence, gift her something thoughtful and stylish as a timeless piece of a wristwatch. Look for some good brand and choose to surprise her. Something like a wristwatch is sure to act as a sweet reminder that “no matter how hard life is currently, a good time is not too far!”

Wristwatch for her 21st birthday

Grooming/ Skin Care Kit

She might or might not be into makeup, but that doesn’t mean she would skip her skincare routine. Keeping oneself groomed and taking proper care of skin gives one confidence, which is absolutely unbeatable. Hence, gift her a grooming kit or a set of skincare products to help her channel out her inner Audrey Hebburn.

Grooming/ Skin care kit

So, these were top 10 gift ideas for her 21st birthday which when gifted have been a solid hit. To make your gesture thoughtful, you can go for sweet and cute 21 gifts for 21st birthday for her.